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Achieve safer recruitment with Verify

Keep your school, your community and your students safe with Verify.

Verify can complete some or all of the checks required by international education accrediting bodies, including COBIS, WASC, CIS, and NEASC, with just a few simple clicks. These include identity checks, criminal and global sanctions checks, qualification verifications, employment history checks, social media checks and more.

There are no subscription costs and no ongoing obligations. Just a clear, simple and completely transparent pay-as-you-go process.

  • Candidates can easily be checked through Verify, regardless of the recruitment platform used
  • Checks are in-depth, accredited and affordable
  • No set up fees, subscription costs or ongoing obligations
  • Clear, simple and completely transparent pay-as-you-go process

The best feature for us are the platforms themselves. The software used for Connect, Engage, and Verify is easy to use and makes our jobs easier.

Ben Marsh School Director, International School of Myanmar Ben Marsh



Fixed cost automated database checks:

Check type Price (USD)
Identity Check – Passport MRZ $10
Global Watch List and Sanctions $26
Adverse Media Check $26

Variable cost database checks:

Check type Min cost Max cost Variation +/-
Criminal Check $20 $325 $306
Education Verification $20 $343 $324
Employment Details Verification with HR $13 $300 $287
Employment Performance with Supervisors/HR $13 $300 $287
Professional Qualifications/Memberships $16 $300 $285
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Frequently Asked Questions

The costs of fixed and variable cost checks are listed above. Price estimates are built from known average costs and are provided to you prior to us collecting the candidate’s complete career history. Once you know the final price you can adjust your order, including removing checks.
Cost variations are dependent of country of residency and/or on-costs from educational institutions. Price estimates are provided prior to us collecting the candidate’s complete career history. You can adjust the final order, including removing checks, once we have collected all the background information from the candidate. 

The time taken to complete a Verify check will depend on a number of factors, including length of checks (5 vs 10 years), location of checks (data from countries experiencing war or an economic crisis will be harder to gather), and a candidate’s history (teachers who have worked across multiple countries vs just one). Typically, however, the average Verify check is complete within 3 to 15 business days.

Conducting criminal background checks alone result in fewer than 0.2% of abusers being identified. (Source: International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children) By completing additional background checks, you’re far more likely to be able to detect predators.

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