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Make substitute management a breeze with Cover

Take the stress out of substitute management

Thanks to Cover, finding substitute teachers is no longer a time-consuming, administrative exercise. When a teaching staff member calls in sick, you simply need to open the Schrole Cover app, select the job role, location and required time, and an alert notification will go directly to a pool of casual teachers you’ve already pre-selected.

Once the job has been accepted, an automatic notification will go to all remaining casual teachers to advise that the posting is filled.

  • Post substitute teaching vacancies and confirm covers in one app
  • Create a pool of preferred casual teachers
  • Automatically notify prospective teachers with the substitute position has been covered

Schrole’s system and service is professional and represents a high standard. If you’re an international school considering Schrole, they’ll help you take your recruitment standards to the highest level.

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Simplify the substitute management process – When a staff members calls in sick, simply open the Cover app, select job role, location and required time, and an alert notification will go out.

Create your very own substitute talent pool – Alert notification will go directly to a selection of casual teachers you’ve already pre-selected, giving you the peace of mind you’re going to secure a talented, dedicated educator.

School and teacher friendly – Cover can be configured so that individual preferences can be prioritised right down to the classroom level.

Designed to work on all devices – Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because no two schools are the same, no two Cover packages are the same. Schrole is proud to work closely with schools to create a Cover package that works best for you. Contact us today to learn more.

None. The subscription price for Cover listed in your contract is the only fee you’ll pay to Schrole. There are no SMS charges or job fill charges, etc.

No. The Cover app works with your existing pool of substitute teachers.

Yes. Cover allows you to set up preference groups of substitute teachers.

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