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Developed by educators, dedicated to schools

Our founder, Rob Graham, is a proud international educator himself. During his career, Rob worked as a teacher at International School of Dusseldorf and Singapore American School, Principal at the International School of Stavanger, before taking on the position of Head of ECC at the International School of Brussels, and then Head of Primary at Chinese International School.

Rob Graham


Schrole works with a vision to improve the standard of education worldwide.

Schrole is the only HR software solution custom designed to meet the unique needs of international schools. We will improve your people processes and reduce your time – because we’re only for international education. You’ll achieve safer and smarter recruitment with Schrole.

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To help people realise their ambition by developing innovative people management solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

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Agility – We expect the unexpected. We value the ability of people to respond quickly to a constantly changing environment in a manner that is calm and considered.

Collaboration – We encourage people to share their ideas and knowledge, without fear of judgement and ridicule. We actively listen to people’s ideas with a view to understanding their perspective, not just hearing them. We respond in a manner that is sensitive to the views and needs of all stakeholders.

Insight – We work tirelessly to identify and understand the key features affecting the performance of our people, our software and our customers.

Innovation – We will constantly seek to develop more efficient or effective solutions.

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Company History

The company was founded by Eric Graham, who (at age 62) took an early retirement from university lecturing and began working for the Submarine Corporation reviewing training materials for the Collins Class submarines. During that time Eric and his wife Anne formed Education Training Advisory Services (ETAS). A few years later, in 1997, ETAS became one of the first private companies to become registered by the West Australian Government as a training organisation (RTO).

ETAS grew into a substantial private enterprise delivering high quality training to the WA mining industry amongst a range of other private companies and government departments. The company has also delivered training overseas in locations as diverse as Mongolia, China and Indonesia.

In 2007, Rob Graham (Eric and Anne’s son) returned to Perth following a career working in senior administrative roles in international schools. This included the prestigious Chinese International School, International School of Brussels and International School of Stavanger. Rob assumed the role as Managing Director of ETAS Group whilst concurrently engaging in an international education recruitment business as a senior associate.

In 2013 Rob formed Schrole. The company had two software products (Schrole Cover and Schrole Connect) designed to make life simpler for school administrators. At the time, Rob was not even aware he was entering the HR software market. By June 2017 Schrole listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the code SCL.

Today Schrole software is used by over 500 schools and a series of public and private hospitals. The company’s training services (formerly ETAS) continue to service the resources and government sectors as well as the international education market. The company still holds its original RTO number – RTO 1967.

Since signing up with Schrole we have been very impressed by the customer service, the modern-looking online platform, the absence of placement fees, and the various other Schrole products that we may be able to benefit from in the future. We have filled a number of positions this year with candidates from Schrole, during a particularly difficult recruitment year for us. The customer service is terrific. It seems that Schrole is leading the way in moving teacher recruitment into the 2020's.

Joe Lumsden Secondary School Principal
Stonehill International School