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Xi’an Hanova International School



Cambridge Assessment International Education, IB DP, IB MYP, IB PYP, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)


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Xi'an Hanova International School is an IB Continuum School, fully authorized to offer the internationally renowned IB Primary Years Programme since 2017 (Early Years - Y6), IB Middle Years Programme since 2016 (Years 7 - 11) and IB Diploma since 2014 (Years 12 & 13) with 20 different diploma subjects available to students.

We are also an authorized Cambridge School, a center for SAT and ACT testing and a licensed center for the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's International Award to develop youth leadership. Furthermore, Hanova was fully accredited by WASC in July 2019, from PreK to 13.

Hanova is dedicated to educational excellence - focused on meeting the needs of all its students as well as attaining and retaining highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.

Number of Contract Days

A teacher's working days are 194 per year. Six days of sick leave and 30 days of hospitalisation are provided.

Starting Salary Range

The teacher's salary is on basis of years of working experiences, ranging from USD 38000,00 to 52,000 annually. There are also stipends for positions of responsibility for such roles as IB Coordinators, Pastoral Coordinators, Heads of Faculty, Heads of School, which range from 800 RMB to 5000 RMB per month.
Contracts are renewable and there is a retention bonus scheme in place.
There are stipends and allowances for IB Coordinators, Head of Schools, Primary managers and Secondary Heads of Faculty.


Tax levels in China range from 10% to 24% depending upon the salary level.

Savings Potential

Savings potential in Xi'an is very good - even for a family of four. Food and produce are plentiful and cheap as are the many excellent local restaurants. On average, a single teacher would be able to live very well upon 3000 to 4000 RMB per month and a family of four (spouse and two children) would live comfortably on around 6000 RMB per month.


The school provides an monthly accommodation allowance which covers spacious, modern, western standard apartment, fully furnished for expatriate staff and families if applicable. The allowance is paid each month and the school arranges payment to the landlord/lady of the property directly. The monthly allowance is 4000 RMB for single teachers or 4500 RMB for those with families. In the event a teacher chooses a property that exceeds the allowance, the school will deduct the excess from the salary each month the pay the rental fees.
Property in Xi'an is much cheaper than in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Properties are also much larger and most teachers live close to the school.


Teachers and their dependents are provided with expatriation and repatriation flights at the the beginning and end of each contract.
Teachers and their dependents are also provided with a summer holiday flight in the middle of a two year contract.
All flights are calculated to the stated country of origin.


Teachers are responsible for utility bills for water, gas, electricity, telephone and internet. Utilities in China are relatively cheap.
In winters, every apartment complex has under-floor heating; teachers can choose to pay for this option - advisable!


All apartments are least partially furnished - most are fully furnished, many including kitchen appliances, washing machines etc.

Moving Allowance

A maximum moving allowance of 7000 RMB is provided at the beginning and end of each contract, reimbursed against receipts.

Dependent Opportunities

The school offers 100% school scholarships for up to three school age dependents; this includes school uniform and daily school bus. It does not include examination fees, school excursion costs or school food. Every student in Secondary School is expected to have a MacBook, or in Primary School, an iPad.


Group international medical insurance is offered for staff and dependents for inpatient, outpatient, hospitalisation and medical expenses, which can be reclaimed.


No dental insurance is offered.


If a teacher passes the required Government medical examination when they arrive in China, disability should not be an issue.


Visa-related costs staff and dependents are refunded by the school; this includes costs of certification and work permits upon arrival. It does not include transport costs in applying for visas.
The school HR facilitate everything when teachers arrive.

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The majority of our new international faculty now come to us through Schrole. In fact, our school exclusively uses Schrole as our global recruitment tool, having tried and stopped using other sites. This is how much faith we have in Schrole as a valuable resource with good customer service.

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