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Tsinghua International School Daoxiang Lake





International, United States of America, Advanced Placement, Common Core, Montessori Education

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Tsinghua International School Daoxiang Lake (hereinafter referred to as “Tsingxiang” or the “School”), is under the overall management of Tsinghua University High School and our parent university.

Adhering to the school motto of “self-improvement, moral integrity” and the spirit of “morality precedes wisdom, and actions speak louder than words”, the School takes “international standards of quality, a Chinese foundation, and Tsinghua spirit” as its school features. Having a student-centered educational model, the School strives to provide a high-quality international education integrating Chinese and Western values, and promotes innovative educational practices, while developing international talents with independent thinking and creativity.

Tsingxiang is fully licensed to enroll foreign nationals, and Chinese students. The kindergarten has adopted the Montessori methodology. The basic education program (ages 6-18) comprises a licensed international school program for foreign nationals, a licensed bilingual program for Chinese nationals, and a licensed traditional Chinese education program. The School enjoys small class sizes (a maximum of 25 students in a class) with both boarding and non-boarding students.

By extending Tsinghua University High School’s experience in basic and international education, utilization of modern educational resources, and creation of a curriculum, learning, and teaching model that integrates Chinese education elements, the School aims to become an influential model for the modern international school.

The School endeavors to provide a diversified educational platform, incorporating the best educational resources that develop students’ humanistic qualities through general knowledge courses, P.E., science and the arts; as well as their critical thinking ability, liberal spirit and sense of responsibility. Its enriching curriculum is housed on a campus with combined Chinese and Western elements, forging an educational and teaching environment that celebrates cultural diversity, encourages the pursuit of excellence, and lays the foundation for creating leaders with a global view. It is truly a dynamic environment with a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

Tsingxiang covers an area of approximately 9.67 hectares. It is a fully equipped, modern facility with more than 160,000sqm of floor space. Designed by Perkins Eastman using advanced construction standards, Tsingxiang meets world-class educational environment standards. Heated and refrigerated with geothermal heat pumps, and a complete primary air system, the teaching buildings have obtained LEED Silver Certification from the US Green Building Council. The School has two indoor gymnasiums, an indoor swimming pool and surfing pool, 1100-seat theater with a Steinway grand piano and pit-orchestra space, a black box theater, multiple STEAM labs, university-level science labs, 20+ small practice rooms with Yamaha uprights pianos, multiple ensemble rehearsal spaces, sound mixing studio, midi labs, dance studios, martial arts classrooms, fitness center, on-campus coffee shop, professional natural history museum and curated art museum, and many other facilities. With such educational and teaching facilities, meeting every learning need, it is a harmonious and diverse environment, providing a solid guarantee for the development of elite talents with a global vision. As one teacher recently stated. "Working here feels more like being at a liberal arts college than a k-12 school."

Starting Salary Range



1) Fully furnished one and two bedroom apartments provided on campus (furniture, appliances). Rent and utilities deducted from the housing stipend provided by the school, with the remaining balance given to the teacher in each month's salary.
2)If living off-campus, 7000RMB/month which is in line with local rents in the areas near the school.
3) three meals a day are provided for faculty in the school dining hall except on weekends and holidays. Dependents may apply for a school meal card at a reduced rate.


Single trip air ticket (economy class) to Beijing for staff and eligible dependents at the beginning of the contract.

Summer travel allowance:
Up to 10,000 RMB for single staff with original receipts provided;
Up to 20,000 RMB for staff with eligible dependents, with original receipts provided


If living in an on-campus apartment only:
Dining Table and Chairs
End and Coffee Tables
Flat Screen TV
Air Purifier
Gas Stove
Electric Oven
Microwave Oven
Entertainment Cabinet
Air Conditioning and Centralized Heating

Moving Allowance

From Beijing: 2,500RMB, plus 500 per eligible dependent
From inside China: 5,000RMB, plus 1,500 per eligible dependent
From outside China: 10,000RMB, plus 5,000 per eligible dependent

In addition, we cover all visa and work permit processing costs.

Dependent Opportunities

All dependent children can have 100% remission on tuition costs (excluding such fees as uniform, school supplies, and activity and trip fees).


Worldwide coverage excluding the USA. Dependents receive an insurance subsidy, with the family covering the difference.


Marriage Bonus. 1000RMB. Given if you get married during your time of employment; only for your first marriage.


1) If you have a Masters or Doctoral degree, you enjoy an annual bonus of 20000RMB or 30000RMB, respectively.
2) Annual performance bonus is 0%-200% of your monthly salary.
3) 2nd year longevity bonus: 20000RMB paid in the third year.
4) 5th year longevity bonus: 50000RMB paid in the sixth year.
5) 10th+ year longevity: 100000RMB paid in each subsequent year beginning with the 11th year.

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