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The Robert Muller L.I.F.E. International School



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L.I.F.E. School is a not-for-profit school backed by a 501(c)3 incorporated in the state of California. Our school mission believes in improving the opportunities for our students and their families, investing in this community, and instilling strong ethical and environmental values in our students. School fees, sponsorships, and donations are all channeled directly into the maintenance and improvement of our school. It is a happy school with wonderful students, where creativity and positivity are celebrated in staff and student body alike.

The community that we live in is special as well. Panajachel is on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, with several charming towns nestled into the jungle ridge line or cresting the foot of our 3 (inactive) volcanoes. Mayan culture is very much alive here, with language, traditional clothing, and customs a part of daily life.

School History

Recognizing the need for a bilingual, international school in Panajachel, LIFE School (Lake Atitlan International Facility for Education) was established in September 1989 by a handful of parents and educators as an alternative to home schooling. Initially starting with just a few students, it rapidly grew over the years and now has an enrollment of over 100 students. Currently, over 50% of LIFE students receive some form of financial assistance. Our structure and organization have grown, but our experimental spirit lives on.

The school is run under the leadership of the principal with the support of our foundation's board.

LIFE School is unique! Our student body and staff reflect our belief that we can all learn from one another. LIFE School prides itself in having a very diverse student body representing many different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Starting Salary Range

The school pays $1100/month for the first year, and $1133/month for the second year, with 3% increases each successive year after that.


The school pays the 5% salary tax for each employee, so your salary is your take home without anything reduced.


The school provides an annual $500 flight stipend paid in January after the first trimester of classes. We also pick you up from the airport in a private shuttle upon arrival in order to facilitate your transfer here to Panajachel.

Dependent Opportunities

Children of staff do not pay school fees to attend the school.


The school offers basic medical coverage.


The School has recently switched to a 4.5 day work week for staff, meaning that one day a week each staff member gets to go home at lunchtime.


Teacher's are elegible for a $1000 bonus (based on performance) when they leave the school at the end of their 2 year contract period. Likewise, we offer a bonus of $3000 for staff who complete 3 years with us (based on performance).

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The majority of our new international faculty now come to us through Schrole. In fact, our school exclusively uses Schrole as our global recruitment tool, having tried and stopped using other sites. This is how much faith we have in Schrole as a valuable resource with good customer service.

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