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The American School of Dubai

United Arab Emirates


Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)


United States of America, Advanced Placement, Common Core

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The American School of Dubai (ASD) is a college-preparatory, PreK to G12, independent, not for profit, US curriculum school offering what is best about American education to provide learning experiences designed to promote the maximum potential of its students.

The American School of Dubai community is committed to fostering a safe and inclusive school climate and learning environment, while denouncing all forms of discrimination and inequality. ASD values diversity. We celebrate all community members. We acknowledge the impact of current and historical inequality and prejudice, and firmly believe that fair treatment and equity are the most basic of rights regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, color, culture, national origin, age, identity or expression, ability/disability, or socioeconomic status. This commitment is consistent with the school’s mission to prepare our students to adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world, and consistent with the school’s core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, excellence, and compassion.

ASD is located in a residential area within Dubai, the global business and cultural hub of the United Arab Emirates. The campus is a 23-acre, million square foot, wireless, state-of-the-art facility, including spaces designed to promote phenomenal learning experiences for approximately 2,000 students, representing over 80 nationalities.

Learning is at the heart of the ASD experience. To support the rich and dynamic relationship between teacher and student, ASD provides guidance and support to faculty by fostering an environment of collaborative professional practice. ASD is committed to student-centered approaches to learning, assessment and instruction, in accordance with the ASD Learning Principles, valuing inquiry, creativity, collaboration, and collegiality.

Starting Salary Range

The starting base salary range is $39,988 - $54,932 dependent on years of full-time experience and degrees earned. Salaries are paid in twelve equal installments.


The UAE introduced a 5% Value Added Taxes(VAT) in January, 2018 on some goods and services. Income is not taxed in the UAE.

Savings Potential

The savings potential is directly impacted by individual lifestyles and preferences. In general, employees can save 25 - 30% of base salary annually comfortably. More can be saved, depending on lifestyle.


Overseas hire faculty members are assigned to a housing unit appropriate for their family size, in accordance with current policies. Faculty housing units are unfurnished and come air conditioned, include major appliances (fridge, stove, washer and dryer).


One way transportation to Dubai is provided to overseas hire faculty members upon initial employment. Transportation expenses for annual home leave to the home of record is provided to overseas hire faculty members beginning the first year of service.


ASD covers the cost of basic utilities for overseas hire faculty members to include water, gas and electricity - within usual and customary usage limits in accordance with existing policies.


A Settling in Allowance of between $5,00 and $7,000 is provided to overseas hire faculty depending on family size. The amount is paid in Dirhams upon arrival to Dubai to support expenses associated with moving to Dubai and furnishing their home.

Moving Allowance

A shipping allowance amount is provided to the overseas hire faculty member based on the following net weight (airfreight) from home of record to Dubai: faculty member ( 800 pounds), accompanying dependent (200 pounds each, up to two dependents).

Dependent Opportunities

A faculty member may receive a waiver on tuition and fees for up to two dependents, provided that this benefit is not offered through another institution or agency. ASD offers a Travel Assistance Program for dependent children (maximum 23 years of age) enrolled as full-time students in undergraduate university program of study. The benefit is limited to one economy return ticket, to a maximum of four air tickets per child.


A comprehensive medical insurance plan is offered at no cost to the employee for coverage within the UAE. Additionally, a worldwide plan (supplement) is provided which includes coverage in the USA and Canada, for which the school covers 80% of the premium. All plans (UAE and worldwide) include a vision and dental benefit.


ASD provides long term disability coverage for all full-time faculty.


Faculty members are automatically enrolled in a life insurance policy with a benefit equivalent to twice their base salary.


ASD contributes an amount of 10% of base salary into a faculty member's retirement fund (opened through one of two school approved providers). All retirement fund contributions and gains are accessible in full to the faculty member upon departure from ASD.


Overseas hire faculty members are eligible to receive an Overseas Differential - an amount equal to 20% of base salary. This represents an acknowledgement of the commitment the employee is making when relocating to an overseas post of responsibility.

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The majority of our new international faculty now come to us through Schrole. In fact, our school exclusively uses Schrole as our global recruitment tool, having tried and stopped using other sites. This is how much faith we have in Schrole as a valuable resource with good customer service.

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