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Shanghai SMIC Private School (International Division)



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Originally founded in 2001, the SMIC Private School was created to serve families employed by the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company (SMIC), one of the most advanced semiconductor companies in China. Over the years, the schools reputation grew along with enrollment demands as we expanded to include students from outside the company as well. Today, our staff of almost 400 (of whom almost half are foreigners) serves almost 3000 students ages 3 to grade 12 in both American and Chinese diploma programs.

SMIC is a highly academic international school-style private school, which is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and is recognized by the Shanghai Education Bureau. The SMIC-International offers an American-style curriculum (in English) based on US standards. Among our distinguishing features, we provide a phenomenally successful and diverse AP program (97% of our students score 3 or higher on average) and a uniquely successful Chinese language program that has fantastic student achievement results. With 528 graduates since 2006, 100% of our high school graduates since 2010 have been accepted to international colleges and universities or have gone to compulsory military service in their countries. The colleges and universities included 34 of the top 100 elite institutions in the world such as Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Brown, New York University, Rice, University College London, McGill, Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Johns Hopkins.

We're not only about academics, though, as we have many extra-curricular program options as well including 9 different award-winning sports programs and 45 after-school clubs for students to join. Whether SMIC Private School students pursue academics, sports, or other extra-curricular activities, our staff and active school community encourages their efforts to aim for excellence, while retaining a sense of honor, community, and joy.

Number of Contract Days

199 days


School provides options for either SMIC Residential Compound (a.k.a. SMIC Living Quarters):

1. Substantially subsidized partially furnished apartment near school;
2. Fitness center next to school (with corporate discount);
3. Restaurants and supermarkets in the immediate neighborhood;
4. 2 large malls with just a 10-minute bus or taxi ride from school.

Or for those who do not own an apartment in Shanghai or live off-campus, the school provides a "monthly housing allowance" to full-time foreign teachers.


1. Initial flight cost(s) reimbursed upon arrival for employee, spouse, and dependent family members.
2. Monthly travel subsidy paid year-round.


Option 1. Partially furnished accommodation if the teacher chooses to live in SMIC Residential Areas #1 and #2 (also called "Living Quarters" / 5-10 minutes walk from the school).

Option 2. Furnished accommodation if the teacher chooses to live in SMIC Residential Compound #3. (20 minutes from school by shuttle bus).

Moving Allowance

For candidates who live abroad when hired.:
1. RMB 7,000 for single employees. RMB 14,000 for married employees.
2. $100 (USD) excess baggage reimbursement per employee ($250 per married teaching couple with dependents).

For candidates who live domestically when hired.:
RMB 3,000 for single employees. RMB 6,000 for married employees.

Dependent Opportunities

For outbound employees, up to 2 dependents can receive tuition benefits covering 80% of the annual tuition fee. Uniform, transportation, food, and textbook fees are not covered.


World-wide international health insurance is provided. This benefit could be extended to the spouse and dependent children who are under 18 years old at the time of hire.


Worldwide international health insurance includes some dental coverage for preventative care. Dental Subsidy is provided by the School.


Long-term disability insurance is provided.


AD&D Insurance is provided.


None provided.


1. Performance-based annual bonus starting after the first full year of service.
2. Teacher incentive allowance is also available.

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