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American School of Guatemala



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Founded in 1945, the American School of Guatemala / CAG is an independent, non profit, non-denominational, college preparatory institution that offers a rigorous academic program modeled after the best educational practices and methodologies of the United States of America.

ASG is founded on the principles of co-educational, bi-cultural (Guatemala-United States), bilingual (Spanish-English) program. It serves the Guatemalan community and other families who value a holistic approach to education. Respect for religious, political, social, and ethnic diversity is a fundamental part of the Schools identity. ASG is fully accredited in the U.S. by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is recognized by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education as a Laboratory School.

As an active member of the Del Valle Grupo Educativo, ASG is actively committed to development of education in Guatemala. The mission of the American School of Guatemala is to empower its students to achieve their full potential and to inspire them to lead meaningful lives as responsible members of a global society. With enrollment of approximately 1,750 students, the American School of Guatemala focuses on continuity in a P-12 one-school model, committed to student-centered learning and community connectedness. For more information about the school, visit


The school is able to bring expatriate teachers to the school via a charitable organization in the US, the Bucks County Organization for Intercultural Advancement (referred to as BCO) for up to eight consecutive years or until an expatriate gains Guatemalan residency. By virtue of being on a fellowship, you are exempt from paying into the Guatemalan tax system. For US citizens, the school grosses up the stipend to pay the employee's and employer's parts of US FICA; non-US expatriate teachers receive a 10% increase on their stipend to support individual's tax contributions to their respective countries.


Semi-furnished housing, selected by the school (including major appliances and furniture, basic kitchen items). Rent up to $850 per month for singles and up to $1,300 per month for teaching couples. Proximity to school depending on availability.
Diverse building amenities depending on availability. One or two bedrooms apartments are assigned for singles,
and families and teaching couples are assigned two bedroom apartments or townhomes depending on availability.


Summer travel between school years (applicable only for those who return for the next school year). Up to $1,000 per year for the cost for BCO Fellow and eligible dependents or its equivalent cost to another destination.

Transportation for teachers to/from school using the school buses is available on a daily basis on the school's established bus routes and schedules. It is not a door-to-door service, and it is not exclusive for teachers. Teachers may use students’ buses at established schedules. The routes may be adjusted depending on the season.


Utilities & Internet subsidy of up to $140 / month per household = $1,680 / year

Moving Allowance

Relocation Allowance for air travel to/from Guatemala, excess baggage, settling in items for the apartment. Amount: $5,000 total over complete period of participating in BCO program: $3,000 paid during the first full month upon arrival to Guatemala and $2,000 paid on the last month of successful completion of the final Participation Agreement.

Dependent Opportunities

For teachers with children: tuition for 1 dependent child per BCO teacher assigned at CAG (dependent will be accepted
depending on the review of the student's school records and learning profile), excluding costs for uniforms, food service, materials, optional excursions, etc. to be paid directly by the parent.


Health and Life insurance with international coverage from US provider for single teachers or teaching couples; for teachers and their non-teaching dependents, health and life insurance with international coverage through local provider.


Disability coverage through US provider for all teachers


Partial subsidy for on-site Spanish language classes offered after school hours at a value of approximately $400 - $600 yearly, depending on the number of classes taken per month; teachers contribute approx. $15/month for classes


$4,000 at the beginning of years 3, 4, 5 and 6 at CAG.

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I cannot stress enough the impact Schrole has had on the overall quality of educators we have recruited. By leveraging its powerful search capabilities, comprehensive candidate profiles, and advanced tools, we have successfully identified exceptional teachers who have had an immeasurable impact on our student's lives. Their passion, dedication, and innovative teaching methodologies have elevated the standard of education at our school and ignited a love for learning among our students.

Daiju Vithayathil Secondary School Principal
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