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Top 10 factors to consider when for choosing the right international school for you

International teachers

Selecting the right international school is crucial for achieving a fulfilling and successful teaching experience. In this blog, we detail the top 10 factors to consider when deciding where to teach, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect next step for your teaching career.


Factor 1: International school’s mission and ethos

Start your search by taking the time to understand the mission and educational philosophy of the international schools you’re considering. Determine whether their values align with your own teaching principles and goals.

We recommend looking at international schools that put emphasis on student-centred learning, cultural diversity, professional development, and providing a supportive teaching environment.


Factor 2: School accreditations

Check if the international school is accredited by recognized educational bodies or associations. Accreditation ensures that the school meets certain quality standards and can provide internationally recognised qualifications.


Factor 3: Curriculum offered

Consider the curriculum offered by the international school. Are they following a national curriculum, an international curriculum, or a combination? Ensure that the curriculum matches your expertise and teaching style.


Factor 4: Extracurricular activities available

Evaluate the range and quality of extracurricular activities available, such as sports, arts, clubs, and community service.

Not only will these activities contribute to holistic development and more well-rounded students, but participation on your behalf will also result in a richer teaching experience.


Factor 5: Student profile

Research the demographic and cultural backgrounds of the students, including age range, language proficiency, and academic abilities. Reflect on whether you have experience working with similar student populations and if you feel comfortable adapting your teaching strategies accordingly.


Factor 6: Support and resources

Evaluate the level of support and resources provided by the international school. Determine whether the school offers professional development opportunities, mentoring programs, and a supportive network of teachers.

Access to modern teaching tools, technology, and well-equipped classrooms can significantly enhance your teaching experience.


Factor 7: School culture and community

Examine the school’s culture and sense of community. Research their approach to fostering relationships among students, teachers, parents, and the local community.

We recommend looking for schools that promote inclusivity, collaboration, and a positive work environment. This will also give you the chance to consider how you can contribute to the school community and the potential for personal growth.


Factor 8: Location and lifestyle

Consider the country, city, and local community in which the international school is situated and how these align with your preferences for climate, cost of living, cultural attractions, recreational activities, and opportunities for travel.

As you could be potentially making your new location a long-term home, it’s important to contemplate whether the location aligns with your lifestyle and personal interests.


Factor 9: Career advancement opportunities

Examine the potential for career growth and advancement within the international school and the wider region.

We recommend looking for schools that offer opportunities for professional development, leadership roles, and the chance to expand your teaching expertise. Consider the network of international schools in the area and the prospects for future career opportunities.


Factor 10: Contract and compensation

Carefully review the contract terms, salary package, and benefits offered by the international school.

Ensure that benefits such as salary, housing allowance, medical insurance, retirement plans, and annual leave align with your financial goals and responsibilities.


Choosing the right international school is a crucial step towards a rewarding and successful teaching career abroad. Remember to thoroughly research and evaluate multiple options before making your final choice. Ultimately, finding the right international school will enable you to make a positive impact on students’ lives while enjoying a fulfilling and enriching experience as an international educator.

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