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School spotlight: Shanghai American School

International teachers

Schrole is proud to represent some of the very best international schools from around the world. In our School Spotlight series, we’ll take an in-depth look at these schools, detailing their history, ethos, location and of course, benefits, to help you choose the school that best suits you.


Snapshot: Shanghai American School

Year founded: 1912
Public or private: Private school
Profit/Not for profit: Not for profit
Governing body: Board
Day or boarding: Day
Segregation type: Co-Educational
Religious affiliation: None
Curriculum: Advanced Placement, IB DP, United States of America
Instructional language: English
Alternate instructional language: None
Start grade: PreK
End grade: 12


About: Shanghai American School

Since its inception in 1912, Shanghai American School (SAS) has offered a little piece of America for expats in China. SAS’s first campus opened its doors to 38 day and boarding students, growing quickly to over 160 students by 1917, allowing SAS to conduct that most sacred of American institutions – sport!

Over the past 100+ years, SAS has been able to create programs and facilities that are arguably the best in class. Launching the IB program in 2000 enabled SAS to be one of few schools to offer both IB and AP courses.

SAS is proud to offer signature programs such as Microcampus, an immersive four-week experience that takes small groups of its eight graders to the small village of Xizhou to learn more about Chinese culture, and Innovation Institute, where students are empowered to solve real-world problems through collaborative and creative processes.

New gyms, aquatics centres, and a black box theatre as well as a performing arts centre on each campus meant SAS facilities rivalled that of small colleges. Most importantly, an early focus on recruiting top teachers has given SAS the ability to attract the best educators worldwide.


Ethos: Shanghai American School

Shanghai American School inspires in all students a lifelong passion for learning, a commitment to act with integrity and compassion, and the courage to live their dreams.

SAS believes students can only reach their full potential if they’re engaged, challenged, and inspired not just inside the classroom, but outside as well. SAS has chosen to be a not-for-profit, developing students into ethical global citizens, poised and prepared to make the world around a better place.

SAS values and supports its faculty so teachers and staff can better value and support its students. Through its professional learning program, educators find the same innovative, empowering energy that is infused in its student experience. SAS’s average faculty tenure is 5.5 years.


Location: Shanghai American School

Shanghai American Schools features two expansive campuses, located in Puxi and Pudong. SAS’s Pudong campus utilises 23 acres and sits on the shores of the East China Sea; Puxi’s campus spreads across 29 acres and is located in the heart of the Minhang District.

Both campuses are custom-built with university-level facilities that make SAS a popular host for conferences, tournaments, sports leagues, and events, and feature an aquatic center, performing arts center, green screen rooms, recording studio, baseball field, softball field, track, playing fields, black box theaters, a teaching kitchen, training facilities, design studios/maker spaces, playgrounds, multiple libraries, cafeterias, lecture spaces, classrooms and more.

With its towering skyline, rich cultural heritage, and a blend of Eastern and Western influences, Shanghai offers unparalleled economic opportunities, world-class infrastructure, a high standard of living with modern amenities, excellent healthcare facilities, and a diverse range of international schools.

Offering a unique blend of tradition and modernity, plus numerous attractions, such as the historic Bund waterfront, the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower, and the enchanting Yu Garden, Shanghai expats enjoy an exceptional experience filled with endless opportunities for personal growth and cultural exploration.


Benefits: Shanghai American School

Number of contract days: 191

Accommodation: As part of the contracted obligations to Overseas Hire Employees and Administrators, SAS provides furnished housing. This housing will be of a standard reasonable for employees and within reasonable budget constraints. Housing may be in either residence units owned by SAS or rented.

Moving allowance: Relocation Allowance for a single with one dependent is $7730.25, plus $843.30 per dependent. Teaching couple is approximately $7730.25, plus $843.30 per dependent (up to one per employee).

Wellness allowance: Wellness allowance: RMB 9,150 (approximately $1286.03) per year each for Teacher and authorized dependents (max of three), and RMB 7,950 (approximately $1117.37) per authorized dependent thereafter. To be reimbursed on receipts.


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