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School Spotlight: KIS International School, Bangkok

International teachers

Schrole is proud to represent some of the very best international schools from around the world. In our School Spotlight series, we’ll take an in-depth look at these schools, detailing their history, ethos, location and of course, benefits, to help you choose the school that best suits you.


Snapshot: KIS International School, Bangkok

Year founded: 1998
Public or private: Private school
Profit/Not for profit: Profit
Day or boarding: Day
Segregation type: Co-Educational
Religious affiliation: None
Curriculum: IB DP, IB MYP, IB PYP
Instructional language: English
Alternate instructional language: None
Start grade: PreK
End grade: 12


About: KIS International School, Bangkok

KIS International School, centrally located in Bangkok, Thailand is an IB World School exclusively offering the International Baccalaureate programmes. KIS is a collaborative community of over 800 students of nearly 50 nationalities. KIS enjoys a strong community atmosphere and a variety of pursuits in academics, athletics, arts, and service.

KIS is recognised as a top-quality international school with high academic standards being fully accredited by both the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). KIS is also licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education, and is an active member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) and East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS).

KIS is also a member of AISAA (Asian International School Athletics Association) and MRISA (The Mekong River International Schools Association), along with other international schools, participate in a range of sports and cultural activities provided by the organisation.

Through membership and affiliations with these organisations, and by participating in international projects with organisations such as the International Task Force for Child Protection, KIS works to ensure that its student’s education, well being and safety are its priority.


Ethos: KIS International School, Bangkok

KIS teachers and parents work in partnership toward the attainment of student success. The school offers an academically challenging international curriculum and a well-rounded programme of sports, creativity, and community service. KIS provides all students, from the youngest children stepping into a classroom for the first time, to graduates heading off to the best universities, with the tools to become life-long learners, successful leaders, and responsible global citizens.

KIS offers all four International Baccalaureate  (IB) programmes which provide an outstanding framework for learning for students from 3-18 years old. The IB is academically strong, well balanced, international, and respected globally. KIS is just one of three international schools in Bangkok offering the IB experience from the Early Years to Graduation, and the only school in Bangkok to offer all four IB programmes.

Students learn much more than just knowledge at KIS. Students are guided to develop skills in such areas as: thinking critically and creatively, problem solving, reflecting, communicating, social skills, collaboration, self-management, self-motivation, resilience, emotional management, time management, research and information literacy. These skills allow them to continue learning throughout their lives and to have what it takes to be the innovators of the future.


Facilities: KIS International School, Bangkok

KIS is located in a quiet, gated, and guarded housing estate near the centre of Bangkok, and the thoughtfully designed facilities are purpose-built to support its academic and extracurricular programmes.

The Primary School is well resourced, student-friendly, and designed to support learning in the Primary Years Programme. The Early Years facilities are all located on the ground floor, allowing for easy access to outdoor learning environments. There are many natural elements for the children to play with and explore such as water and sand play, a garden, art materials, building materials, and more, supporting young inquiring minds as they play and discover.

In addition to indoor and outdoor learning spaces, Primary School students enjoy their own library, a maker space, art room, IT lab, music room, two playgrounds, a pool and training pool, and sports court. There is also an indoor mini-performance theatre called AudiBox.

Secondary School students enjoy well-resourced classrooms with a library, numerous science labs, a black box theatre, an exam and events hall, art studios, design labs, and a workshop. Sporting facilities include a sports field, an air-conditioned indoor gymnasium, and a 25-meter pool. Grade 11 and 12 students also enjoy exclusive use of an IB Lounge.


Location: KIS International School, Bangkok

Living and working in the heart of Bangkok presents international teachers with a unique blend of cultural richness and urban excitement. The city’s vibrant street life, bustling markets, and ornate temples create a tapestry of experiences that captivates residents.

Bangkok’s renowned street food scene offers a delicious journey for the adventurous palate, while its modern amenities cater to a comfortable lifestyle. Professionally, the city is a thriving business hub, providing diverse opportunities across industries.

The warmth of Thai hospitality, combined with the city’s affordability, fosters a welcoming environment for expats. Bangkok’s dynamic energy, along with its mix of traditional and contemporary attractions, ensures a lifestyle that seamlessly merges work and leisure, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a balance between career advancement and a culturally rich living experience.


Benefits: KIS International School, Bangkok

Retirement: US citizens may participate in a school facilitated 401K – Roth and traditional options both available.

Flights/Transport: Flight to and from home of record for initial contract for the contract holder. Annual flights after first contract completion.

Moving Allowance: US$500 shipping allowance with presented receipts. US$600 settling in allowance.

Dependent Opportunities: One full scholarships per contract holder, and discounted fees for additional legal dependent children who meet admissions requirements.

Medical: International comprehensive medical insurance for the contract holder and one dependent.


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