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School Spotlight: American School of Abuja (AISA)

International teachers

Schrole is proud to represent some of the very best international schools from around the world. In our School and Group Spotlight series, we’ll take an in-depth look at these schools, detailing their history, ethos, location and of course, benefits, to help you choose the school that best suits you.


Snapshot: American International School of Abuja (AISA)

Year founded: 1993
Public or private: Private
Profit/Not for profit: Not for profit
Day or boarding: Day
Segregation type: Co-Educational
Religious affiliation: None
Curriculum: Advanced Placement, Common Core, United States of America
Instructional language: English
Alternate instructional language: None
Start grade: Nursery
End grade: 12


About: American International School of Abuja (AISA)

The American International School of Abuja (AISA) was founded in 1993 when a group of parents and US Embassy officials recognised the need for a school that would adequately prepare students who reside in Nigeria to continue their education in American schools overseas.

AISA quickly grew to become the most prominent international school within Abuja and gained a diverse International population. AISA now has over 40 different nationalities represented among our student and staff population with the majority of students and faculty being from overseas.

AISA’s rigorous American curriculum and AP capstone program challenges and empowers our students to attend universities all over the world, not just in Nigeria or America. To that end, 100% of graduating students get into universities worldwide.

AISA has experienced guidance counsellors preparing students to make the best impression for universities and regularly graduate students into some of the top universities worldwide.


Ethos: American International School of Abuja (AISA)

Mission statement: Challenge, collaborate, empower. Inspiring global citizens to be lifelong learners.

Vision: The AISA vision is to be a world-class international school that develops students’ skills, knowledge and character to enable them to achieve their full potential and pursue their dreams.


  • All People have Equal Worth and Dignity
  • Collaboration and Consensus-Building Contribute to an Effective Community
  • Embracing Diversity Strengthens Individuals and Unifies our Community
  • Continuous Growth and Perseverance are Fundamental in Pursuing Ones Goals
  • Intentionally building Trust Facilitates Dependable Relationships

Profile of an AISA graduate:

  • Is passionate and self-motivated in pursuing their individual personal and academic interests.
  • Models integrity and respects the local and global community, its people, and the environment.
  • Exhibits strong social, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Seeks, builds, and maintains personal and professional networks.
  • Is creative and resourceful in finding opportunities for enrichment.
  • Demonstrates open-mindedness.
  • Takes responsibility for their actions and stands up for their beliefs.
  • Uses technology to enhance their learning.
  • Communicates in more than one language.


Facilities: American International School of Abuja (AISA)

In addition to classrooms, the facility includes two science labs, a renovated library media center, and a dedicated fine arts building. The recreational and athletic facilities include a multi-purpose hall, basketball court, swimming pool, outdoor soccer field, and track.


Location: American International School of Abuja (AISA)

The capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is known for its well-planned layout, modern infrastructure, serene ambiance, and a high quality of life. The city’s relatively low crime rate and efficient public services contribute to a sense of security and comfort.

Abuja offers an array of recreational activities, including beautiful parks, cultural festivals, and upscale shopping centres. Abuja’s strategic location in the heart of Nigeria provides easy access to other parts of the country, making it an ideal base for exploration and travel.


Benefits: American International School of Abuja (AISA)

Savings Potential: Savings potential is approximately 50% of your salary but varies (higher or lower depending on spending habits).

Accommodation: On-campus housing is supplied.

Flights/Transport: Annual airfare from home-of-record.

Utilities: All utilities are covered by AISA including basic internet service.

Furniture: On-campus housing includes fully furnished apartments.

Moving Allowance: $3000 is provided for resettlement and moving allowances.

Medical: International medical coverage is provided. For those teachers whose home of record is in the US or Canada, medical coverage is given for North America.

Dental: Dental coverage is part of the medical plan to a certain limit.

Other: Additional benefits include $1,200 storage allowance, annual $1,000 PD allowance, $2,000 R&R payment, local airport transportation, all visa fees, vaccination costs, and more.

Retirement: 6%.

Bonus: $2,500 per year worked, paid at the end of each contract period.


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