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International teacher testimonial: Jackilynne Mateo

International teachers

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jackilynne Mateo, an EAL specialist who recently applied for and accepted the position of EAL Teacher at Shekou International School via Schrole.

Jackilynne was kind enough to share insights into her career, what attracted her to her new position, and her experience using the Schrole platform.


Career overview

With a rich background in both EAL and Special Education, Jackilynne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her new role.

Having recently earned her IGPE in Multidisciplinary Studies, Jackilynne had been seeking fresh avenues to explore and expand her horizons after dedicating 16 years to international schools.

“I’m an EAL specialist, with educational background in both EAL and Special Education and have recently earned my IGPE in Multidisciplinary Studies. I’ve worked in international school for 16 years prior to actively seeking opportunities and finding my next career pathway through Schrole.”

Jackilynne’s commitment to professional development and a passion for creating inclusive learning environments made her an ideal candidate for her new position.


Discovering and applying for her new position

As a dedicated educator, Jackilynne explored various avenues to find her next perfect fit. Eventually, it was through Schrole’s comprehensive database that she discovered the EAL teaching position at Shekou International School.

The collaborative working environment and the prospect of co-teaching in various subject areas appealed to her, igniting a desire to embark on a new chapter.

“I was excited at the prospect of an EAL teaching position at secondary level, and working in a collaborative environment where I would be co-teaching in various subject areas.”


The appeal of Shekou International School

Shekou International School stood out to Jackilynne due to its unwavering commitment to providing a rigorous curriculum within a caring and inclusive environment.

The school’s emphasis on catering to the needs of multilingual learners resonated deeply with her educational philosophy, making it an ideal setting for her to make a lasting impact on students’ lives.

“Shekou International School’s commitment to providing a rigorous curriculum in a caring environment really appealed to me, in addition to the school providing inclusive learning opportunities for multilingual learners.”


Jackilynne’s experience with Schrole

Having been with Schrole for eight months, Jackilynne discovered a wealth of opportunities and benefits through the platform.

Her initial introduction to Schrole came from colleagues who highly recommended the service. Exploring the platform, she found it incredibly valuable, particularly due to our affordable fees.

“My favourite features on Schrole are access to the entire database, low fees and email notifications.”

Reflecting on her experience with Schrole, Jackilynne encourages fellow teachers considering the platform to sign up early and proactively prepare their documents, maximising their chances of securing their dream international teaching position.

“I would suggest signing up early and complete your documents, such as an  updated resume, certifications and references, well ahead of time.”

When asked to rate her likelihood of recommending Schrole to others, Jackilynne didn’t hesitate, “10 out of 10.”


Ready to follow in Jackilynne’s footsteps? Find your next international teaching opportunity and search our database now.

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The amount of fully qualified applicants on Schrole has exceeded our expectations. All of the job respondents are of a very high quality. We appreciate the competitive pricing, ease of use of the portal and Schrole's excellent client support. We receive a prompt response from all queries, usually in less than a few hours. Sign up today!

Gary Booth Principal
Meritton British International School

Meritton British International School