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Event Guide & Schedule: In-Person Recruitment and Networking Conference (School Recruiters)

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This first-in-market Recruitment, Networking and Career Development event is designed to give you early access to Asia’s top educators.

The past two years have shown recruitment seasons beginning earlier and earlier. Schrole would like to help set the tone for these early starts as an opportunity for both teachers and schools to take thoughtful steps with no pressure conversations, rather than rushing to early decisions.

This year’s recruitment conversations will support conversations around leadership roles (which are often listed earlier in the season) as well as at driving engagement with educators at every school stage and subject specialty.

Connecting between the NESA and EARCOS Leadership Conferences, this event allows your recruiters and leaders to start their networking conversations early and build a broader professional community.

We will also be offering targeted professional development opportunities for candidates who are in attendance. These sessions will focus on career development and provide guidance for teachers in maximising the recruitment process and their professional profile on Schrole Connect.


Preparing for the event

Post job vacancies – This will help candidates who are attending the event to notice your school, and also allows for your school users to begin using the applicant tracking system for the event. If you are still unsure of an opening, you can list it as “tentative”.

Search for candidates – Conduct a filtered search for candidates, selecting “In-Person Recruitment and Networking Conference (Bangkok)” from the “Attending event” drop-down menu.

Invite candidates to apply to the desired positions – Find a candidate in your search that you love? Invite them to apply for one (or more) of your school’s positions.

Utilise Connect’s ATS – Move candidates to longlist, shortlist, interview, etc. in the applicant tracking system (ATS) on Schrole Connect.

Schedule interviews – Once a candidate is in your ATS, you can schedule interviews to occur during the in-person event.


Communications during the event

We will be utilising the Hubilo App for in-event communications at this year’s event. You will be sent a link to app before the event via email from “Team Hubilo” with a login code to access the event. This platform is for facilitating conference-wide communications and updates throughout the event.

Community groups or other options for in-app socializing with other event participants will not be available in Hubilo. It is intended that schools and candidates are engaging with one another faceto-face or in the Schrole Connect platform.

Participants can use Hubilo to:

  • Keep track of the event agenda
  • Receive and view updates from the organisers
  • View a floorplan of the Shangri-La venue and event locations
  • Ask a question to the organizers in the Live Feed

Schrole personnel will be available throughout the conference function rooms and the registration desk.


Event Schedule

Day One, Saturday 21 October

9:00am – Registration desk open for schools

1:00pm – Orientation and event briefing

The orientation and briefing will arm you with the knowledge for the afternoon’s recruitment activity and interviews with our teacher candidate guests. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with candidates in a relaxed fashion at your own pace.

There is zero pressure to sign candidates today as we encourage you to ‘start the conversation’ and follow up with candidates as you please. Keep this orientation half hour blocked out with no interviews during this time please.

We’ll walk through the event platform, introduce and review two pieces of software that will guide your recruitment processes: Schrole Connect and Schrole Verify. This session will aim to get you up to speed with best hiring practices and effective background checking processes. Sam Cowley will present the importance of child safe-guarding practices and Schrole’s platform upgrades to support.

Remember this event is designed to be a fun, relaxed, and successful recruitment venture for all guests. Orientation is an excellent opportunity to ask any last-minute questions about the event.

The afternoon of the first day will be spent on interviews with candidates, concluding at 6.00pm. If you haven’t filled your schedule with interviews, don’t worry. There are plenty of candidates attending this event who have been encouraged to approach school tables and begin conversations.

Power cables are provided to each table and schools will have plenty of space at the large round tables to conduct more than one conversation with multiple recruiters if necessary.

1:30pm – Interview scheduling

By now, most of your interviews should be pre-scheduled using Schrole Connect, but for any gaps in your schedule, now will be the time to fill them with candidates stopping by your table to request interviews.

2:00pm – Interviews

School tables will remain set up for continued interviewing in the two function rooms for an open, café style setting. This is an intentional move away from the hotel room interviews of the past.

Coffee, tea, and snack will be provided in the foyer.

6:00pm – End

Day Two, Sunday 22 October

8:00am – Interview scheduling

This half hour is set aside to schedule any last-minute interviews with candidates. Please do not schedule any interviews to take place during this time.

8:30am – Interviews

This morning will be filled with interviews. Find your next great team member by chatting to as many candidates as you like. These interviews are designed to be conversation starters, with no pressure to sign candidates on the day.

12:00pm – Lunch

Lunch will be provided lunch in the Shangri-La Volti restaurant and welcoming our NESA school recruiters. This is an informal opportunity to continue networking and to sit with candidates in a social setting.

1:00pm – Interviews

Interviews and conversations continue. Please be sure not to schedule any interviews after 5:00pm so that your team and the candidates can attend the Networking Reception. This reception is for both recruiters and candidates.

Reminder: school tables will remain set up for continued interviewing in the two function rooms for an open, café style setting to move away from the hotel room interviews of the past.

5:00pm – Reception

Join us for the Networking Reception in Shangri-La Volti.

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  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
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  • Submission of three job applications.

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Bryan Van Scoyk Director
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