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5 tips for choosing for between top candidates for international teaching position

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It’s one of the best-case/worst-case scenarios to have as an international school recruiter – you don’t just have one top candidate, you have two, or even three. So, how do you choose between them?

In this blog, we explore invaluable tips designed to help you make an educated, informed choice and secure the ideal candidate for your institution.


Tip 1: Alignment with school culture and values

Begin by scrutinising how each international teaching candidate aligns with your school’s ethos, mission, and values. Consider their teaching philosophy, approach to diversity and inclusion, and commitment to fostering a nurturing learning environment.

Opting for a candidate whose values resonate with those of your international school ensures a seamless integration into your community.


Tip 2: Evaluate pedagogical skills

Evaluate each candidate’s pedagogical skills by assessing their teaching methodologies, innovative instructional practices, and adaptability to diverse learning styles. Look for evidence of student engagement, differentiated instruction, and the ability to foster critical thinking and creativity.

Prioritise the candidate(s) who exhibit a holistic approach to education, emphasising not only academic achievement but also social-emotional development.


Tip 3: Assess cultural competency and adaptability

In the landscape of international education, cultural competency and adaptability are indispensable traits. Evaluate your candidates’ cross-cultural communication skills, sensitivity to cultural nuances, and experiences working within diverse communities.

An international teacher should embrace cultural diversity with open arms and demonstrates a willingness to immerse themselves in new environments.


Tip 4: Commitment to professional growth and collaboration

Explore your candidates’ commitment to continuous professional development and collaboration within a professional learning community. Enquire about their participation in workshops, conferences, and educational initiatives aimed at enhancing their teaching practice.

Additionally, seek evidence of their ability to collaborate with colleagues, mentorship of junior faculty, and contributions to the collective growth of their previous school communities.


Tip 5: Understanding of technology and innovation

Take the time to assess your candidates’ proficiency in leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Look for evidence of integrating digital tools, online resources, and educational platforms into their instructional practices.

A candidate who embraces technology as a catalyst for innovation and student engagement demonstrates readiness to navigate the digital landscape of modern education.


When it comes to choosing between two or three top international teaching candidates, evaluating and assessing skills such as pedagogical excellence, cultural competency and adaptability, technology and innovation, will help you to select the right educator who will inspire, empower, and transform the lives of your students.

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