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Kindergarten Teacher

Tsinglan School


Job Details

Role Start Date

1 August 2024

Applications Close

30 June 2024

Min. Qualification

Bachelor Degree

Min. Experience

2 Years

Cover Letter

Not required

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1. To be responsible as a kindergarten homeroom teacher staying with the kids the whole day during working time as requested;
2. To co work with Chinese homeroom teacher for the semester work plan based on the school teaching schedule;
3. To teach lessons required for the kindergarten homeroom teacher such as English, Math, Science etc.
4. To implement and deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for students and to support a designated curriculum area as appropriate;
5. To participate actively in curriculum writing;
6. To co work with Chinese homeroom teacher for the kindergarten decorations based on monthly topic;
7. To be involved with other aspects of school life associated with the subject, such as organising appropriate field trips and educational visits;
8. To assist the department with developing Schemes of Work, department development plan and implementation;
9. To play a full role in the active life of the school life and running of this international school;
10. To be responsible for the classroom and to encourage and support the use of ICT in lessons and monitor the classes’ work and assessment grades and keep student achievement records;
11. To take intervention actions when assessment and report grades identify a cause of concern regarding a students’ progress in your class;
12. To support and work collegiately with other members of the department;
13. To write reports and enter assessment grades when required;
14. To take an interest in all students in the classes and assist the department with preparation of up to date student class lists when requested;
15. To support and work with the administrative support staff where appropriate;
16. To assist the department with the analysis of examination results when requested and to seek out and share teaching resources with colleagues;
17. To attend parents’ meetings and other school events as directed by the management;
18. To hold teaching & research activities once a week;
19. To actively take part in the field trip organized by the school;
20. To offer at least one extra-curricular activity if possible to the students and be committed to the ideal of a holistic education for all;
21. To assist with any other duties, tasks or jobs as may be reasonably requested by the management.

Savings Potential

Significant savings potential given the low living cost in Songshan Lake community.


- RMB 4,000 monthly housing allowance for each employee.
-RMB 10,000 for married employed couples.
School also offers dorms as a transitional measure.


- Annual round-trip air ticket provided for International faculty from nearby airports to the employee's home of residence

Moving Allowance

- RMB 5,000 Moving Allowance for staff relocating from other parts of China
- RMB 20,000 Moving Allowance for staff relocating from outside of China
- RMB 8,000/20,000 for employed couples relocating from inside/outside of China

Dependent Opportunities

- Spouse given priority consideration for vacancies.
- Tuition waiver for up to 2 children


- International Premium Health Insurance for employee and family members (with premium cap)


-Professional Development Allowance
-Clothing Allowance
-New Born/Marriage Bonus
-Free Meals


Appraisal Bonus - 0-200% of Monthly Salary
Loyal Bonus - Fixed amount paid at the 3rd, 5th, and 11th Year.
Holiday Bonus - Given during selected holidays

Full access

To career opportunities across the globe

$50 USD per year
Paid membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of 400+ international schools representing 100+ countries.
  • 5,000+ teaching vacancies every recruitment season.
  • Unlimited number of job applications.
  • Custom alerts so you’re the first to hear when your preferred roles are posted.
  • Access to virtual and in-person recruitment events with school leaders and recruiters.

Limited access

To career opportunities across the globe

Free membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of schools to discover your next teaching role.
  • Submission of three job applications.

We've relied on Schrole exclusively for two years now and have been very pleased with the Schrole Team's responsiveness, the overall quality of the candidates on Schrole, and the main tabs related to assessing candidate fit.

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