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Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Improve your school leaders’ interpersonal communications by acquiring the skills and knowledge to develop and use emotional intelligence.

In Person

Suited to

Teachers; mid-level leaders


4 hours




12 to 36 people


Remote presenter


$1,950 USD

I usually spend a lot of money going on my own PD with the IB, so I like the return on the 4 hours spent here. I'm staying tuned for more!

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Who is Lead with Emotional Intelligence designed for?

Develop your teachers into leaders with a great communication style and a deep understanding of people. Increase self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management in your school. If your school leaders need to know how to identify and respond to emotional stressors, strengthen their relationship with colleagues and employees, and improve team performance through emotional intelligence, then we recommend this 4 hour course. 

Learning outcomes of Lead with Emotional Intelligence

  • Improving your self awareness 
  • Identifying and responding to emotional stressors 
  • How to ask for feedback from colleagues 
  • Learn to support an emotional employee 
  • Improve team performance through emotional intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For more details, please contact us.

Lead with Emotional Intelligence is designed as an interactive face-to-face course for participants, with the presenter attending virtually. This is to keep costs lower for schools and to ease potential scheduling issues.

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