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Thuringia International School – Weimar



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ThIS is a K-12 IB World School of 340 students in the beautiful German state of Thuringia. Our school is a modern, Bauhaus inspired collection of buildings in the historic city of Weimar. Located just 2 km from the city centre which was home to Goethe, Schiller, Liszt, Klee, Kandinsky and Walter Gropius, the eponymous head of the Bauhaus University. Weimar is within easy reach of Leipzig, Berlin and Prague and is a very liveable and culturally rich city surrounded by some of eastern Germany's most attractive walking, biking and wine growing regions. ThIS is a remarkable school for teachers and teaching couples early in their careers and for those with families looking for a home with a heart. We are a smaller school that believes in talking to and knowing each other, in making connections and in collaborating with those in the building and in our vibrant city. Weimar itself has a population of 65,000. Weimar sits halfway between the cities of Erfurt, the state capital, and Jena, together the three cities form the central metropolitan area of Thuringia, with approximately 500,000 inhabitants.

Number of Contract Days

190 days contracted, 180 days with students. Entitlement to two personal days a year.

Starting Salary Range

We have a salary scale that starts at 42000 USD and runs to 61000 USD, paid in Euro. We take into account all previous qualified teaching experience when placing people on the scale.


Death and taxes, we pay them in Germany too. The German tax system is similar to the structures in other Western countries. You pay income taxes throughout the year, usually with an employer deducting tax from each paycheck. Adjustments are then made at the end of the year for possible under or over-payments through submitting a tax return (see information on

Savings Potential

There is some saving potential, but a family would need to be very economical to manage on a single salary. What there is potential for is a fabulous quality of life for a single teacher or a teaching couple who would have the potential to save and travel within Europe.


As is practice in European day schools, we do not cover the cost of accommodation, but we will help you find it. Weimar is home to some very good, affordable accommodation in the city. The city is well served by public transport and there is little need for a car. Many people arrive at school by bike or on foot.


We cover an airfare allowance of 1000 USD.

Moving Allowance

We cover a moving/settling in allowance of 800 USD

Dependent Opportunities

We provide places in the school for up to two children of teachers. The value of the place (the school fee) is taxed as a benefit at the rate of income tax, which is reduced for the second child because there is a fee reduction for a second child.


German medical coverage is remarkable. Both the employee and the employer contribute and it covers many things that other national systems do not. Most dental work is covered, most pre-existing conditions, pre- and post-natal care and childbirth, counselling, physio and some alternative medical treatments.


We are not able to contribute to pensions in other countries, but we do pay into the German state pension system. The German system, which also includes survivor and disability benefits, is a requirement. Participation is mandatory for employees, with each worker assessed for a sum based on annual earnings. Premiums are deducted by the employer, with the employee paying half and the employer half. The premium is 18.6 percent of the gross monthly wage or salary. Retirement now normally begins at age 65 plus nine months though it is to be gradually increased to 67 by 2029.

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I cannot stress enough the impact Schrole has had on the overall quality of educators we have recruited. By leveraging its powerful search capabilities, comprehensive candidate profiles, and advanced tools, we have successfully identified exceptional teachers who have had an immeasurable impact on our student's lives. Their passion, dedication, and innovative teaching methodologies have elevated the standard of education at our school and ignited a love for learning among our students.

Daiju Vithayathil Secondary School Principal
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