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Taejon Christian International School (TCIS)

Korea, Republic of


IB PYP, IB MYP, IB DP, Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)



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A key feature of Taejon Christian International School (TCIS) is the combination of high-quality academics and a Christian community ethos. TCIS is one of only a handful of schools in the world to offer all three IB continuum programs in a Christian worldview context. TCIS was a forerunner for IB investment in South Korea, becoming the first school in the country to offer all three programs. As a K to grade 12 co-educational international day and boarding school, every year, students distinguish themselves in their academic performance, athletic competitions, visual and performing arts, and compassion to serve the needs of their fellow humans. Through educational best practices and a message of both love and hope, we work to cultivate internationally-minded learners who are competent, compassionate, and strong leaders.

Approximately 140km south from the bustle of Seoul the school is located in a picturesque and green part of Daejeon City. As one of the most livable cities in Korea,

Since 1958 TCIS students have thrived in the community based context of care and support. The student population of 370 students enjoy a rigorous IB curriculum based education within this context of care. The promotion of the Christian ethos remains a central aspect of care with an openness to students of other faiths.


Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance: TCIS contributes 100% to industrial accident compensation insurance to compensate workers for their work-related accidents.


Meals: Lunch is provided for all faculty and faculty children when the cafeteria is in operation.


TCIS provides a comprehensive medical plan provided by the Worldwide Insurance for the Overseas Direct Hire and his or her children, aged up to 24, and the Korean National Health Insurance Service for the Local Direct Hire. TCIS will contribute 100% to this plan.


Korean National Pension Support: Employer will match mandatory employee monthly contributions (4.5%) to the Korean National Pension Plan. According to South Korean law, all pension contributions are submitted directly to and held by the Korean government. Upon the conclusion of an employee's time in the Republic of Korea (ROK), the employee may apply directly to the Korean government to receive the entire pension amount.


Contract Renewal Bonus: Should the employee be offered and accept a renewal contract beyond completion of the contract, a renewal bonus will be paid as follows in the month the renewal contract signed, in net amount.

Number of Contract Days

TCIS issues a 12-month contract. Professional Responsibilities must be fulfilled by designated dates throughout the year, including up to the contract termination date. The academic year for new/returning employees consists of 180 instructional days and 10 teacher workdays (10 additional workdays for administrators and IB Coordinators, and 5 additional workdays for Counselors).

Holidays & Annual Leave: 5 days of spring, 14 days of winter, Thanksgiving day, Easter, extra holidays during Lunar and Chuseok break, and 40 days of summer vacation (Calendar schedule varies every year and is determined via Head of School Advisory Committee.) are designated as a substitute holiday and annual leave in lieu of a Korean public holiday and annual leave.

Savings Potential

Severance: Employer provides an annual severance payment equivalent to 8.33% of the annual salary (USD and KRW), to be paid upon completion of a final contract at TCIS.


The salary will be paid in fixed amounts of USD and KRW and will not be affected by monthly currency exchange rates. Korean National Pension contribution and local income tax (varies, around 6 - 10%) will be deducted from the salary every month.


TCIS covers the one-way airfare from the employee’s home of record to Korea for the Overseas Direct Hired (ODH) employee. The ODH employee with an ongoing contract for the ensuing school year, TCIS annually provides summer round-trip airfare between Korea and the home of record. Upon the successful conclusion of employment, TCIS covers the one-way airfare to the employee’s home of record from Korea. The above travel benefits also apply to the full-time ODH employee’s (high school age or younger) dependent children.


Housing is provided for the Overseas Direct Hired employee. Employer will select an apartment with the size based on the housing policy at the school campus or close to school.


Housing is provided for the Overseas Direct Hired employee. The housing includes basic furniture, such as living room set, bed(s), dresser, dining table and chairs, range, refrigerator, microwave, and washer. Normal housing maintenance and repair are provided at school expense.


Housing is provided for the Overseas Direct Hired employee. Housing deposit/Maintenance/Utilities: The cost of the housing deposit, monthly maintenance service, and utilities will be provided and paid by the school.

Moving Allowance

TCIS provides $1000 per employee and $200 per minor child moving allowance for the Overseas Direct Hired employee. Any passport, visa expenses, postal, or extra home furnishing expenses are paid from this allowance. Pre-approved other expenses beyond this allowance may be submitted for reimbursement with an itemized list. An identical departing relocation allowance is given to employees who complete their contract; this is for approved shipping-related expenses only.

Dependent Opportunities

TCIS provides full tuition and fees for dependent children attending TCIS (up to 2 children for a single faculty family, up to 3 children for the faculty couples). An infant/toddler care support for full-time employees’ children who are too young to attend school during the working day.

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