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Singapore American School is Committed to the Safeguarding and Well-being of all Students

Singapore American School prioritizes the safety and well-being of all community members and is committed to safeguarding all SAS students. All SAS employment offers are contingent upon a satisfactory background check and reference check process and a signed commitment to the School’s child safeguarding policies and procedures. All employees, including teaching staff, leaders, support staff, contractors, substitutes and coaches are required to complete a screening process and evidence satisfactory completion of an United Nations Convention on the rights of the child aligned safeguarding tutorial before working with SAS students.

At SAS, we believe that all children reserve the right to a safe environment that is free from neglect, abuse or mistreatment and we expect all SAS community members to demonstrate behaviors that prioritize the safeguarding and protection of students. Any community member who does not uphold SAS’ commitment to child safeguarding or fails to create an environment that is safe for SAS students or community members is in violation of the SAS Statement of Community, Child Safeguarding policies and procedures and the school reserves the right to prohibit these members from remaining part of the SAS community or entering the SAS campus and to take legal action as required.

SAS provides students possibilities like never before with personalized learning, new course offerings, and passion pathways.
Students at SAS find their true selves rather than letting a system define who they can become and how far they can go. Possibilities don’t make school easier, but they make it different and provide personal awakenings for kids who are looking for more. The direction we take reflects what made us one of the most desirable international schools in the first place.

Experts in their own fields, our teachers are part of what is uniquely SAS—our teachers aspire to be forever memorable as life-defining mentors in our students' academic, extracurricular, and social development. Our teachers are truly our greatest strength.

Number of Contract Days


Starting Salary Range

Salary information will be disclosed upon the award of an employment contract.


Taxes are not deducted at source and Faculty members are responsible for their own taxes. We typically encourage Faculty members to save approximately 15% of their monthly salary for taxation purposes. This may, however, vary depending on their individual income bracket as Singapore adopts a progressive tax structure.

Savings Potential

The savings potential is directly impacted by individual lifestyles and preferences. Many of our employees save more than 25 - 30% of their base salary annually. More can be saved, but it is lifestyle dependant.


Overseas hire Faculty members will be provided a monthly housing allowance, as noted in their employment contract, and in accordance with the housing guidelines.


Upon initial employment, SAS will provide a one (1)-way economy excursion class ticket from the contract stipulated home of record to Singapore for the overseas hire Faculty member and eligible dependents under the employment contract.

Moving Allowance

Inbound shipping allowance will be provided for overseas hire Faculty members.

Dependent Opportunities

Overseas Hire Faculty members will receive tuition waiver of a maximum of two eligible dependents attending SAS


Faculty members and eligible dependents will be enrolled in the SAS group medical plan. Details of the group medical plan are made available separately at the time of enrollment.


Faculty members will be covered for Short-Term Disability. Details of the plan will be made available separately at the time of enrollment. Options to purchase long term disability will be made available.


The Faculty member is automatically enrolled in the group life insurance plan.

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