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Roong Aroon International School





IB DP, IB MYP, Australia

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Roong Aroon International School prepares students to impact their future world through providing opportunities for them to become self-reliant, moral and ethical leaders and life-long learners.

Roong Aroon International School is an expansion of Roong Aroon School , a well-established holistically integrates school since 1997. The School is a non-profit organisation. Our purpose of lifelong, holistic and transformative learning is to develop deep understanding of our common humanity and values, to cultivate and live a meaningful and purposeful life as independent, reflective and active citizens. it is to provide an option for those students seeking higher cognitive academic language proficiency in English, while still developing the same for Thai.
Roong Aroon International School is based on the same foundations of Buddhist values, experiential learning and community connections.

In reviewing different international programs and curricula, the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Middle Years Programme stood out to us for its many similar goals and practices, such as holistic learning, inquiry-based learning and development of attributes and skills. These similarities and overlaps are highlighted throughout this curriculum.

Our goal is to provide a rich academic journey for students from Grades 6-12. Each student is an individual capable of self-awareness and growth: it is the school's mission to guide each student to reach their potential to be successful, compassionate and skilfully citizens of the world.

As an IB World School, we use the frameworks of the IB Middle Years Programme (Grades 6-10) and Career-related Programme (Grades 11-12). Our curriculum in grades 6-10 is based on the Australian National F-10 Curriculum. In grades 11 and 12, the curriculum is derived from the IB-DP course syllabi and university undergraduate courses.

Our vision and mission:

To enable each of our students to transform from being "a person who knows" to being "a person who is", all members of our community must:
- Develop self-awareness and mindfulness
- Take action and employ knowledge to confront problems and solve social issues
- Be selfless and ready to make sacrifices for the common good, to improve society, nature and the


Expatriate Staff is allowed a monthly housing allowance of THB10,000 (Ten Thousand Thai Baht Only) in addition to their monthly salary.


For the Expatriate Staff employed from outside Thailand, RAIS shall reimburse one-way economy airfare up to 40,000 Baht from home or current residence location.

At the end of every two years of employment with the School, a round-trip economy ticket allowance of up to 40,000 Baht to the Employee’s designated home city for home leave will be provided by the School upon signing the renewal agreement of two years.


The Expatriate Staff is required by laws to pay income tax, arising from salary, allowances, benefits etc.

Number of Contract Days

The contract period is from 1st July to 31st July for a two-year period or as otherwise specified in the letter of appointment. Contracts may be renewed, typically for one or two academic school years at a time.

Starting Salary Range

An Expatriate Staff’s initial annual salary is set by allocating him/her to a scale point within the school’s salary structure, ranging between 2,200 - 3,400 USD per month, on the basis of the Expatriate Staff’s educational qualifications, and the length and type of prior experience.


Roong Aroon International School has an ongoing commitment to provide quality professional development for staffs at the costs of the School.


International inpatient and outpatient health insurance, according to the policy of the provider, will be available under separate conditions provided by the School at the completion of a valid work permit

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I cannot stress enough the impact Schrole has had on the overall quality of educators we have recruited. By leveraging its powerful search capabilities, comprehensive candidate profiles, and advanced tools, we have successfully identified exceptional teachers who have had an immeasurable impact on our student's lives. Their passion, dedication, and innovative teaching methodologies have elevated the standard of education at our school and ignited a love for learning among our students.

Daiju Vithayathil Secondary School Principal
Panyaden International School

Panyaden International School