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QSI Ashgabat International School



Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)


United States of America, Advanced Placement, Common Core, IB DP

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QSI Ashgabat International School is a private, accredited, non-profit institution that opened in September of 1994. It offers a high-quality education in the English language for elementary and secondary students. The warm and welcoming school community makes it an ideal place to receive a quality education from QSI.

The school is located on a five-hectare campus directly south of the new United States embassy compound in the beautiful Berzengi district of Ashgabat. The school neighbors the National Museum, and overlooks the city of Ashgabat. Students at Ashgabat International School enjoy studying in a brand new purpose built air-conditioned/heated school building that includes 30+ classrooms, elementary and secondary libraries, two computer laboratories, a teacher workroom, and office space. The school is also home to a full-size gymnasium, fitness center, cafetorium, two performance centers, and two art rooms, one with a kiln for pottery. The construction is earthquake-safe, equipped with a fire/evacuation alarm system, and includes a sophisticated water-purification system.

QSI requires teachers to hold a Bachelor's Degree and Teacher Certification preferably from North America. QSI prefers that the teacher has a minimum of two years teaching experience. QSI hires teachers who love working with children. QSI requires personal interviews. Please go to to learn more about where QSI will hold interviews. If you have questions about your qualifications please send a CV, certification, and degree to [email protected] for review.

Number of Contract Days

187 contract days - (180 student contract days, plus 7 days of professional development)

Starting Salary Range

Salary Range in Net = $39,000-$49,000
Example Salary for master's degree on Step 7:
Base Salary = $37,200 + End of Year Bonus = $2,000 + Overseas Allowance = $4,500 + Commitment Bonus = $3,500 at the end of year 2 = Total = $47,200 Net


local taxes paid by the school

Savings Potential

30%-50% of salary depending on life style


Housing Cost: At the discretion of the QSI school an adequate housing stipend will be given per month or the school will provide suitable housing with basic furnishings.


Annual flight stipend or ticket provided: At the discretion of the QSI school a flight stipend or air transportation will be provided for the employee and minor dependent(s) from the nearest authorized airport to the school.


If a housing stipend is given the utility cost is in the housing stipend or QSI pays for teacher's utility costs over $1,000 per year.

Moving Allowance

Overseas Allowance paid each year: $4,500 for each employee.

Dependent Opportunities

Free School Tuition for teacher's children to the QSI school.


QSI pays health insurance premium for teacher and minor dependents; Teacher pays a yearly deductible.


Sabbatical Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Severance Pay and Accumulated Sick Leave.


Starts after 11 years of service with QSI


End of Year Completion Bonus = $2,000
Overseas Allowance = $4,500 per employee
Commitment Bonus = $3,500 at the end of year 2

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  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
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