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Qatar Leadership Academy



Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSACS)


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QLA is a boys boarding school for grade 7-12, following the IBDP and U.S. academic program. Local boys board for 5 days and international students board for 7 days. Most students are Muslim Arabs from the Gulf region. The school focuses on leadership development using a military model, coupled with physical training, problem solving, teamwork and other values developed using the school's resources like climbing wall, abseiling, scuba, sailing, camping, kayaking, and overseas trips. All graduates go on to local or international universities. Teachers and boarding staff are hired internationally.

Number of Contract Days

180 days of instruction in a school year, plus Professional Development Days and required min days before the start and after the end of the school year.

Starting Salary Range

Basic salary plus transportation allowance between US$ 45,400 and 58,412 (QAR 165,708 and 213,204) Stipends provided for additional responsibilities such as Head of Department.


There are no taxes in the State of Qatar

Savings Potential

Saving potential is high in Qatar


Fully furnished accommodation provided in a housing compound managed by QF Housing Team according to international standards.


Annual Airfare - economy class tickets in connection with annual leave for you and eligible dependents, to the nearest international airport in your home country, and one-way economy class ticket at the start and end of contract.


Electricity, water, and garbage services are paid by Qatar Foundation.


Accommodation is fully furnished.

Moving Allowance

You will be eligible for a fixed amount for luggage assistance in connection with your first travel to Qatar; this is derived from the market rate to ship 200 Kgs for singles and 400 Kgs for families of unaccompanied air luggage to Qatar from your point of origin.

Dependent Opportunities

Education assistance for up to 4 children from the age of 3-18 or until completion of high school.


Staff is provided with worldwide medical coverage in addition to access to state provided medical coverage.


Dental plan is provided.


According to QLM Insurance policy


PD opportunities within our in house Education Development Institute, which offers IB authorized courses, as well as other professional learning sessions.

Full access

To career opportunities across the globe

$50 USD per year
Paid membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of 400+ international schools representing 100+ countries.
  • 5,000+ teaching vacancies every recruitment season.
  • Unlimited number of job applications.
  • Custom alerts so you’re the first to hear when your preferred roles are posted.
  • Access to virtual and in-person recruitment events with school leaders and recruiters.

Limited access

To career opportunities across the globe

Free membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of schools to discover your next teaching role.
  • Submission of three job applications.

I cannot stress enough the impact Schrole has had on the overall quality of educators we have recruited. By leveraging its powerful search capabilities, comprehensive candidate profiles, and advanced tools, we have successfully identified exceptional teachers who have had an immeasurable impact on our student's lives. Their passion, dedication, and innovative teaching methodologies have elevated the standard of education at our school and ignited a love for learning among our students.

Daiju Vithayathil Secondary School Principal
Panyaden International School

Panyaden International School