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Leipzig International School



Cognia, Cambridge International Examination (IGCSE/A-Level), Council of International Schools (CIS), IB DP, New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)



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At Leipzig International School we offer a dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual international learning environment from Nursery to Grade 12. We are laying the foundation for all future successes of our learners and building a strong foundation for academic and personal growth in an inspirational setting.

Through our wide variety of learning experiences and our strong language programme, we equip our learners to become expressive communicators, thinkers, inventors and leaders. In our rich, diverse and inclusive community we empower today’s learners to make meaningful impacts in tomorrow’s world.

LIS holds the distinction of being the sole school in the Leipzig region authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Additionally, LIS is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Association of German International Schools (AGIS) as well as the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS).

Our diverse team of over 250 staff members, hailing from 37 nations, collaborates to create a stimulating and enriching learning environment for our learners. At LIS, we are committed to the concept of lifelong learning and offer a work place that supports professional growth and development.

Welcome to Leipzig International School!

Moving Allowance

Moving to a new country can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We’re here to support you. Our main goal is to make sure your move is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We’ve got a couple of ways to help you out. First off, LIS offers a relocation allowance to give you a little extra cushion. And we’ve got those travel tickets sorted for both you and your dependents.
Our super-friendly HR team, who’ve seen it all, are here to lend a hand with all the paperwork and official stuff. They’ll have you checking off all the administrative to-dos in no time!


We firmly believe that health is our most precious asset. Investing in the health of our staff is an investment in our collective success. That is why, from the very first day of employment, we sign up all our employees for a supplementary company health insurance in addition to their individual statutory health insurance, which is free of charge
to our staff.
The company health insurance goes beyond the ordinary health insurance coverage, reimbursing 90% of the costs for dentures, inlays, implants, and orthodontics. In addition, each of our team members is entitled to an annual budget of €900, which can be utilized for a wide range of healthcare services, including dental cleaning and bleaching, visual aids, surgical corrections of visual acuity, natural therapies, prescribed medicines, remedies and aids, and preventative extended
healthcare measures, screenings and check-ups.
LIS employees have the option to extend the company health insurance to their family members, with the insurance company
offering an attractive financial package for such extensions.


Thanks to our partnership with Corporate Benefits, our employees enjoy access to a portal offering attractive deals from renowned international, national, and regional suppliers as well as premium trade partners.
These offers are updated and expanded on a monthly basis. Access to these exclusive deals is guaranteed anytime and anywhere, accessible through any internet-capable device.


Extra Company Pension Scheme:
Voluntary: participation based on individual needs and preferences
4% of Salary: Employee contributions through deferred compensation
LIS adds additional 15%: Additional contribution from LIS (15% of converted salary)
Long-term Security: Long-term financial planning for retirement


We support your well-being with bike leasing and gym partnerships. Enjoy salary conversion financing for company bike leasing and 17% discounts on gym memberships.

Full access

To career opportunities across the globe

$50 USD per year
Paid membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of 400+ international schools representing 100+ countries.
  • 5,000+ teaching vacancies every recruitment season.
  • Unlimited number of job applications.
  • Custom alerts so you’re the first to hear when your preferred roles are posted.
  • Access to virtual and in-person recruitment events with school leaders and recruiters.

Limited access

To career opportunities across the globe

Free membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of schools to discover your next teaching role.
  • Submission of three job applications.

When we had a teacher decide to take another job in mid-July, we were left with few options. Historically, it was a tough position to fill. Within 24 hours of posting the position on Schrole, we were able to offer a contract to a more-qualified educator.

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