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Council of International Schools (CIS), IB DP, IB MYP, IB PYP, New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)



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ISD is an international and co-educational day school, founded in 1999, that was built to accommodate students from Playgroup to Grade 12. The school provides a high-quality international education for both the local and the international community. We are determined to maintain a high quality of teaching and learning, as well as set the highest standards in everything we do.

We are an International Baccalaureate World School offering a well-established, successful and an internationally recognized curriculum for children aged 2-19. This includes the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and IB Diploma Programme (DP). Our broad and balanced international curriculum reflects the importance of understanding academic discipline, community service, the performing arts and good health.

The school is recognized by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education, and is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). We are authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Number of Contract Days

Approximately 190 days with 182 student days. The ISD Annual Calendar is developed in January each year. The academic year runs from August through to June.

Starting Salary Range

Starting Salary range is $ 30,540 - $ 50,000 per annum. Contracts are for a two-year period. Salary scales are set in US Dollars, net of Bangladesh tax. International School Dhaka pays all taxes in Bangladesh. Salaries are paid monthly in local currency. Teachers can send 75% of their salary home each month as an overseas remittance from their Bangladesh bank account (usually a branch of HSBC). Please note however that it can take a minimum of three months for ISD to process work permits and other documentation for new staff. These documents are necessary to set up a bank account in Bangladesh and overseas remittances cannot be sent until this has been completed. Local currency can be exchanged into foreign currency (e.g. US Dollars, UK Pounds, etc.) and taken out of the country tax free when leaving Bangladesh. ISD will contribute an additional 10% of total salary to a teacher’s pension plan and teachers are required to remit a further 5% deduction from their total salary to their pension plan (as per contract) to match ISD’s contribution. There are no other deductions from the quoted salaries other than when authorized by the employee for food, tea & coffee, apartment internet connection, etc. (as applicable).


Expatriate employees of ISD are subject to income tax on their local salaries. ISD pays these taxes to the tax department directly without deduction from payroll.

Savings Potential

Single Teacher : $ 12,000 per annum (approximately)
Single Teacher with one dependent : $ 10,000 per annum (approximately)
Couple Teacher with two children : $ 30,000 per annum (approximately)


Most staff are accommodated in fully furnished 2 & 3 bedroom apartments in the school’s own apartment building located in Bashundhara. This is within 5 minutes walking distance from the school. A few are accommodated in fully furnished apartments within a 15-minute ride from the ISD campus


Teachers are provided one round-trip ticket in the initial 2-year contract period, followed by a further round-trip ticket for each additional year of contract renewal. The ticket is from Dhaka to the closest major international airport to their home of record. The benefit is to provide a ticket to travel, not the cash equivalent.


The School covers costs for utilities like gas, electricity, water, cable TV, excluding telephone and internet bills, for the period of employment by the School.


Apartments come equipped with basic furniture including washing machine, tumble dryer, TV, basic kitchen equipment and a starter set of glasses, dishes, towels and a basic set of bedding, including a mosquito net.

Moving Allowance

Teachers starting their contract receive a $2000 allowance for shipping expenses for themselves and $1000 for each qualified dependent at the start of contract. This payment is made on arrival after an expense report with receipts is submitted. Teachers shipping goods should be aware that tax and duty are levied on incoming items, including used house-hold effect. Customs and clearing charges will, as a rule of thumb be 20% of freight allowance. Further instructions will be provided to new teachers about how to optimize the shipping benefit. Upfront payment of shipping to the nominated carrier costs tends to expedite the delivery of your shipment. A similar allowance is paid at the end of the contract for the shipment of goods to your country of origin.

Dependent Opportunities

Children of expatriate teachers of ISD may attend the school with an exemption for tuition and capital fees. Teachers’ children must pay exam fees, field trip costs ( including week without walls), purchase of uniforms, lunches, snacks etc.


Teachers are covered by AETNA for medical insurance. There is a 10% deductable for outpatient treatment to a maximum USS2000 in any one year. All outpatient treatment in Dhaka needs to be paid for at the time of treatment and then claimed back from the insurer. Inpatient treatment is billed directly to the insurer. This gives access to private clinics in Dhaka, medical evacuation and treatment abroad and emergency cover during vacations. North America is excluded for treatment unless there is an unexpected emergency while traveling there for visits of less than eight weeks. STS Group, in conjunction with the Apollo Group, opened a multi million dollar hospital complex with both foreign and local doctors in March 2005. Staff members are enrolled as users and are given Apollo ID cards. Vaccination/ Immunization costs in Bangladesh are heavily subsidized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Teachers can access these benefits upon arrival in Dhaka.


High quality, low cost dental treatment is readily available in Bangladesh.


Teachers are currently provided with a disability policy from Zurich, a worldwide insurance company. There is a six month delay after an occurrence before benefits are payable.


Transportation: School Vans:
Teachers are provided with a ride to and from school in a school van. The vans begin their run at 06:45 to arrive at school by 07:25. They return from school from 15:30 until 17:45 at various intervals. Vans are available in the evening for individual teacher use on a rota basis. A monthly rota is drawn up and teachers assigned evening and weekend use as dictated by the number requiring this service.

Teacher private vehicles:
Many teachers choose to lease their own vehicle privately. Sharing a vehicle with another teacher/s can make this economically viable. Teachers who operate their own vehicles are not allowed to use the school van service but are paid a fuel allowance of 15,000 Taka a month.

Mail & Courier Service:
ISD allows teachers to use their company pouch services for the sending and receiving of mail. ISD sends all school and teacher mail by courier to an agent in the UK where it is posted in the UK postal system. Teachers provide the postage and the delivery to the UK post box and this is coordinated by the school. Mail addressed to the teacher is sent to the mailbag address in UK and delivered to the school once a week by courier service. The ISD mail is for written material only! Goods sent through the system will incur customs duties which will be the responsibility of the teacher.

Sim Card Service:
ISD issues all new teachers with a mobile phone SIM card as part of a group plan with discounted billing. Teachers may buy a phone or use their own phone to utilize the SIM card. If you wish to bring your own phone then you must ensure that it is not locked outside the country of purchase. Mobile phones are not expensive in Dhaka. The teacher will pay the phone company for the monthly charge and for calls made on the account. Details of SIM cards required will be collected prior to arrival. Both the phone and mail privileges are not matters of contract and are benefits that may be terminated
at any time.

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