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Hangzhou International School



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Hangzhou International School (HIS) opened its doors in August 2002 and currently serves over 900 students Early Years-Grade 12. Students at HIS experience an inclusive international curriculum, which is truly designed for expatriate students and further supported by the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Program (DP). HIS is an authorized IB World School offering all three IB programs (known as the IB Continuum).

Hangzhou is a medium-sized city by some Chinese standards, but its 10 million people are surrounded by a metropolitan area that has a total registration of some 24 million people. The city is one of the ancient capitals of China and is steeped in rich history, tradition, and culture. It is famous for the beautiful West Lake and rolling green tea hills, which prompted former resident Marco Polo to refer to Hangzhou as ‘greater than any city in the world’. In recent years, Hangzhou has developed into a fairly cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of shopping, restaurant and entertainment options, and an excellent transportation network.

New HIS teachers live in apartments close to or next to the campus, and have access to the West Lake via a short taxi, metro, or public bus ride (even free public bicycles are widely available). The city of Shanghai is about 45 minutes by high-speed train and the Hangzhou International Airport reaches most cities in China and serves an increasing number of international destinations, including direct flights to the US, Canada, Australia, many countries in Asia, and several destinations in Europe.

HIS students come from more than 50 countries, representing speakers of over 23 languages. A large number of students speak English as a second language and teachers are expected to individualize programs for these students.

There are currently just over 100 expatriate teachers on faculty. The majority are from the US and other native-English speaking countries, though a total of 23 nationalities are present on expat faculty. In addition, there are Chinese teachers who teach Mandarin language and culture, teacher aides who assist teachers in the classrooms, and additional national support staff.

Teachers are on duty from 7:30 A.M. until 4:30 P.M. daily. They are expected to take part in the
extra-curricular programs of the school, which sometimes involve evening or weekend presence on campus.

Teachers are hired for an initial two-year contract, with the possibility of one-year extensions thereafter. The school seeks teachers with a spirit of adventure, a sense of humor and wonder, a love of teaching children, and a willingness to be involved in after-school activities and to contribute to the life and spirit of the school.

More information about HIS and posted teaching vacancies can be found at For some basic information about Hangzhou, visit


HIS will pay on your behalf all PRC taxes accrued from your salary.


Teachers hired on an overseas-hire (OH) status will be provided housing onsite or within reasonable proximity to the school for the first year of the initial contract. All teachers in their second contractual year or more will have an annual housing allowance. Presently this is set at RMB 125,000 for contracted singles/couples w/o dependent children and RMB 145,000 for contacted singles/couples w/dependent child(ren) living in Hangzhou, which has been very sufficient for staff to find suitable accommodations. Housing in Hangzhou is ample and very comfortable.


HIS will provide each teacher with US$3000 for an annual travel supplement. Teachers are required to provide the school with the revenue portion of their air ticket and the boarding passes used for travel, but may keep any sum in excess of the US $3000 for the single ticket. An additional supplement is given for dependent child(ren) (US$ 500 if under the age of 2 and US$ 1250 if age 2 years or older) for up to two dependent children per single contract and three dependent children for contracted couples.


HIS will pay, on your behalf, utilities expenses of up to US$1500 per year, or provide utilities of a commensurate value.

Moving Allowance

HIS offers a one-time extra baggage or mailing allowance for actual costs up to the maximum amount of US$1500 payable after presentation of applicable receipts. (reimbursable one-time only). In addition, HIS will pay a displacement allowance of US$1000 for each new teacher upon his/her arrival in Hangzhou in August. (first year only).

Dependent Opportunities

Free tuition for up to two school-aged children at HIS per single contracted teacher while employed at HIS and child is of HIS school age and meets admissions requirements. Up to three tuitions per contracted couples.


Emergency medical worldwide, including the US and Canada. Only elective treatments are not covered in the USA under the standard policy. The school also provides Fitness/Wellness and Dental/Vision Wellness allowances in the amount of 3500RMB each for annual check-ups and routine treatment and general individual wellness. Our current provider is TieCare:


HIS provides an allowance of RMB3,000 towards health and fitness expenses, as well as a dental wellness allowance of RMB3,000 towards dental cleaning and maintenance (both reimbursable on one-time basis) beyond benefits provided in the insurance program.


Free Lunch – HIS faculty are not charged for cafeteria lunch on school days.


HIS will pay US$3000 at the end of each of the first two years of service as a retirement savings. This will increase US$500 for each subsequent contract up to a maximum of US$6000.

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