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Daegu International School

Korea, Republic of


Ministry of Education (South Korea), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)


United States of America, Advanced Placement

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Daegu International School opened in August 2010 and is located adjacent to the International Fashion Design District at Esiapolis- which is approximately a 30 minute drive from downtown Daegu and a 10 minute drive from the Daegu International Airport. Daegu International School offers over 30 classrooms (each equipped with a large touchscreen television), a presentation hall, two outdoor playgrounds, an early childhood center building, a library/information center, a technology lab, a dining hall, a video production studio, a gymnasium, an outdoor tennis court, two outdoor basketball courts, an artificial turf athletic field, and a residence hall.

Daegu International School is a K-12, co-ed, boarding school that is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea and is recognized by the Department of Education, Maine, USA as an associated school of Lee Academy, in Lee, Maine, USA. Because of this partnership with Lee Academy, students who graduate from DIS receive both a DIS diploma and a Lee Academy diploma. DIS is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). DIS offers a U.S. curriculum (CCSS, NGSS, and AP), as well as, an extensive after school activities (ASA) program. The ASA program includes art, music, sports, and social activities. Athletic teams (basketball, volleyball, futsal, and cross country) and academic teams participate against other southern South Korean international schools in the Southern Korean Activities Conference (SKAC) and Korean International Schools Activities Conference (KISAC).

Our mission at DIS is to help students become successful contributing members of a global society by providing a safe, nurturing environment in which students can reach their maximum potential; socially, emotionally, and intellectually. At DIS, we are Determined, Intellectual, and Successful!


There are exemptions from Korean income taxes for specific countries only.


o Dorm stipend (Teacher earns $5,000 year for living in the dorm or $8,000/year living in the dorm and dorm parenting responsibilities.
o Off campus allowance:
i. Monthly rent
1. Single teacher: Loft/Studio/1 BR apartment
2. Teaching couple or single teacher with one or more legal dependents: 2 BR or 3 BR accommodation
ii. DIS will pay:
Rental cost of accommodation.
 Rent/utility amounts determined by the number of household members.
 Pet deposit: For residents with pets, the pet deposit will be 10% of the amount paid by DIS for your apartment deposit (not to exceed 1,500,000 KRW).
 Settling in allowance: Reimbursement up to 200,000 KRW to spend on household supplies in the first year of employment.


1 round trip economy or economy plus airfare ticket per contract (reimbursement up to $2,000)


No cost if the teacher lives on campus.
DIS will provide a variety of utility allowances for off-campus apartments depending on the number of household members.


Dorm rooms and/or apartments off-campus will be furnished by DIS.

Dependent Opportunities

Dependent tuition waiver(s) (up to 2 children). Tuition taxes as a benefit will be paid by DIS. However, the faculty member will pay any further insurance/income tax adjustments.


Korean national health insurance
o Provided to the employee and dependent(s) and the cost is approximately 3.0% of the employee’s salary.
TieCare health insurance is the health care provider for all non-Korean faculty members.


Included in Korean national health insurance and TieCare.


Free meals
o All meals that are offered on campus in the cafeteria from Monday to Friday (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Up to $1,500 in documented professional development funds per year (reimbursement or paid with school card)

Up to $500 in classroom funds per year (reimbursement or paid with school card)

Recognition of Master’s degree earned during tenure at DIS. The teacher will move to Master’s pay scale at beginning of the next contractual year.


Korean National Pension
o Provided to the employee who is under 60 years old at any point of the contract, at the cost of 4.5% of the employee’s salary (maximum contribution of approximately $200/month). DIS also contributes 4.5%. KNP is refundable at the conclusion of the employee’s contract.

Korean statutory retirement payment (formerly referred to as 13th month pay)
o For every completed year of your contract an extra month's pay is set aside. Upon completion of your time at DIS, you will receive the sum of your 13th month(s) pay.


o Holiday stipends up to 250,000KRW (Chuseok, Christmas, and Lunar New Year)
o$1,000 Professional Responsibility stipend
o One time $2,000 contract renewal bonus: This will be provided after two years of teaching at DIS. The teacher must return to teach at DIS for a third year to receive this bonus. The bonus will be paid in the first paycheck of his/her third year of employment.

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