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Colegio Internacional de Carabobo-Valencia

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of




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CIC has provided a quality international education since 1955 to local children and dependents of foreign nationals. We continue to do so by developing effective relationships and a sense of family among our diverse student, faculty, and parent communities.

We are indeed fortunate to have a school community that is devoted to creating and maintaining a school environment focused on student achievement and preparing our students for success at the next level.

Throughout the years, CIC has continually improved and enhanced its grounds and facilities, educational materials and programs, and school activities and events. This evolution has been necessary in order to meet the educational needs of our student body in this ever-changing world. While we change, we strive to maintain the traditions that have long been important elements of our institution and that contribute to ongoing excellence. This blend of history and innovation, as well as responsiveness to changing times, are key


Local social contributions and local taxes are covered by the School.

Savings Potential

Between 80% -85% annually depending on your lifestyle.


Furnished apartments .
Welcome essential food starter.
Payment of utilities/services including electricity, water, and internet services (does not include telephone and cable TV). The school will assist with set up.


Round-trip transportation is provided annually. Amount is based on home of record agreed at time of hired and the option that you select.
Yearly transportation to and from the airport in Venezuela


Payment of utilities including electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet (not cable T.V.).

Moving Allowance

Setling-in gift in Bolivars to be determined upon your arrival.
Shipping up to $1000 to bring your personal items to Venezuela.


100% of Worldwide coverage and $2.000.000 annual maximum
CIC has a nurse on campus. Doctor on call 24/7/365


100% of worldwide coverage and $2,000,000 annual maximum.
A no-interest car loan may be requested for approval by the Director.
Recreation / Health Stipend / Exercise club of your choice, up to the amount decided by the Administration.
A Spanish language stipend is offered to cover initial classes for 6 months.
(1) Paid day of leave for each complete year of service at CIC to attend recruitment fairs.
Dependent children of full time teachers are fully exempt.
CIC provide transportation to and from school every day.


Retirement Plan: The structure of contribution will be as follows:
Years of Services School Employee Total
1st 3% 3% 6%
2nd 4% 4% 8%
3rd onwards 5% 5% 10%


3 and 5 year completion bonus - $8000 and $15000 respectively
Excellence Stipend bonus up to US$ 1400 yearly

Full access

To career opportunities across the globe

$50 USD per year
Paid membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of 400+ international schools representing 100+ countries.
  • 5,000+ teaching vacancies every recruitment season.
  • Unlimited number of job applications.
  • Custom alerts so you’re the first to hear when your preferred roles are posted.
  • Access to virtual and in-person recruitment events with school leaders and recruiters.

Limited access

To career opportunities across the globe

Free membership
  • Ability to create a unique educator profile that holds your references and important documents, such as teaching qualifications, all in one location.
  • Access to our entire database of schools to discover your next teaching role.
  • Submission of three job applications.

I have been a school-level user of Schrole for recruiting for the last three hiring cycles and have found the platform they provide to be intuitive and comprehensive. The user interface stands out from others in the market as a crisp interface with the right level of features included at the right places. For me, the top two features are the ability to create school-specific application questions for applicants, and the availability of a short and long form applicant documentation PDF. If you’re looking for a recruiting platform, I highly recommend considering Schrole.

Dr. Richard Granger Deputy Principal of Secondary School
Taejon Christian International School

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