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Berlin Metropolitan School



Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)



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Inspire each other - grow together.

Berlin Metropolitan School is the largest international school in the center of Berlin. Over 1,000 students from more than 60 countries attend our school and are taught using the best international and national curriculum programs at our Campus in central Berlin. The Berlin Metropolitan School is an all-day school, allowing students from kindergarten through 12th grade to complete a modern, international education. The conception and development of our program is guided by a responsibility to offer our students the opportunity to achieve the best possible academic results, to become engaged with new worldviews and perspectives, and to inspire them to realize their own personal goals—creating a space where students can allow their talents ad interests to naturally unfold. An international team of 200 dedicated employees lead the way for the learning success of our students.

Our School Vision
We believe in the power of education to transform lives.

Our Mission Statement
We strive for academic excellence and strength in character
to contribute to a more informed world and an open-minded society.

Our Community Values
We are all responsible for creating a safe, positive, respectful, and inclusive learning environment.
We respect the dignity and equality of all individuals, groups, and cultures in all interactions and act upon anyform of prejudice or discrimination in the school community.

Our Educational Philosophy Statements
We encourage each other to consider and negotiate other views and ways of thinking to become responsible and compassionate global citizens.
We encourage critical thinking, foster conceptual knowledge, and promote interdisciplinary understanding by using the process of inquiry as the leading pedagogical approach.
We invest in character development that offers challenges, choices and opportunities with an emphasis on reflection and adaptation.
We foster digital citizenship through a learning environment that cultivates digital literacy, media fluency, and safety & well-being in a digital world.

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Starting Salary Range

The BMS pay scale as one essential part in value the work of every member of faculty was re-worked with a committee by teachers from all section and senior leaders.
The BMS pay scale is structured according to years of experience and the program each respective teacher is teaching.


Individuals who are resident in Germany or have their normal place of abode there have full income tax liability. The gross salary (and, if applied, also tuition remission for children attending the school) is subject to German income tax. Once you have registered at the town hall, you will receive your tax identity number and classified into a tax group (I-V). The tax rates depend on family status and income level and range. Tax on income from employed work is retained by being deducted at source, i.e. an amount of tax is retained directly by the employer.
Please find more information on and

Summary of deductions made from the gross salary
• Income tax
• Solidarity tax
• Church tax (optional)
• Health insurance
• Long term care insurance
• Retirement insurance
• Unemployment insurance


BMS offers a housing search service for all staff members who have t o relocate to Berlin.


Our transition package includes expenses for travel as well as shipping.
These benefits are valid one way and one time.


Furnished flats for rent are available on flat search websites.

Moving Allowance

BMS will pay a settling in allowance one time fix to every new staff member who will relocate to Berlin for their porition at BMS.

Dependent Opportunities

Staff are exempted from all school fees. As this benefit is considered as a remuneration in kind, staff members are only required to pay taxes on the lowest school fee.


Medical insurances can be chosen from a variety of public providers. We are happy to connect our new staff with providers who have English speaking staff and a great support team for international staff.


We offer continous professional development, in-house German classes, health and wellbeing courses discounted lunch in our cafeteria, and many staff activities after school.


We offer a company pension scheme which allowes employees to save an individual amount of their salary through our monthly payroll system. For those employees who choose this pension scheme, BMS will add 15% on top of their monthly saving.

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Stonehill International School