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Global Jaya School (GJS) is an IB World School authorized to offer the PYP, MYP and DP. We are fully accredited by WASC and a full member in good standing of EARCOS. GJS is a non-denominational community that encourages and teaches respect for others by valuing Indonesian culture while embracing international cultural awareness.

GJS is an active and engaged school community of outstanding education professionals. Our faculty delivers an excellent IB education with strong ties to our host country. The national motto of the Republic of Indonesia is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which translates as "Unity in Diversity". The school’s culture and sense of community show our commitment to this belief. The majority of families who make up our community live in nearby suburbs. Our expatriate teachers bring a wealth of international experience to the school, but so do our parents, many having worked or attended universities overseas.

Our strong sense of family and community provides a solid foundation for a caring, passionate and compassionate culture. Our commitment to students learning in an environment where their health, safety and well-being are assured allows each student to maximize their potential.

We currently employ approximately 142 faculty, support staff, and administrators whose main objective is to achieve excellent learning outcomes for our students. Our professional faculty consists of 107 professional educators from Indonesia and abroad, which helps provide an international perspective and reflects our school's motto: Gateway to the World.

GJS is a forward-focused community where our faculty's ongoing Professional Growth and Development (PGD) is valued, encouraged and celebrated. Our teachers are fully supported in their PGD and encouraged to embrace opportunities to improve their teaching. We recognize that PGD is a shared responsibility and strategically aid all PGD programs and initiatives.

Number of Contract Days

Approx: 185 Contact Days // 195 Professional Days

Starting Salary Range

Starting teachers Salary is between 581,000,000 IDR - 627,000,000 IDR depending on years of experience.

The salaries are NOT paid in US Dollars. They are paid 100% Indonesian Rupiah. Currency fluctuations may mean that the US dollar figures may be higher or lower at any point during the contract period than the figures indicated here. The school has indicated that this currency is easily convertible to US Dollars or Commonwealth Currencies.


The salary is not taxed; the school pays the income tax on behalf of the expatriate faculty members. The salary range noted above is reflective of take-home pay.

Savings Potential

Single teacher: $15000
Couple (both teaching) with two children: $25000
Single teacher with one dependant: $10000
A family of four can "make do" on one salary.


Furnished Housing Provided


Annual home leave


Utilities Allowance paid in Rupiah:
700,000 Rp / month for Single; 900,000 Rp / month for Family


Furnishings Provided

Moving Allowance

On arrival: IDR equivalent for up to 4 cubic meters of sea freight from the Home Country to Jakarta. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

Dependent Opportunities

Married Teaching Couple - 50% tuition covered for first two years for up to 2 school aged dependents; after which full tuition is covered fully for up to two school-aged dependents


Health Insurance coverage is worldwide except for the United States. Our current service provider is Aetna International.
Emergency dental coverage is available. Non-Emergency dental coverage is up to a maximum of 100 US per year.
Annual Vision coverage of up to 300 US per year.
Annual well-being health benefit of up to 500 US per year.


7 paid personal leave days apart from other legally entitled leaves (bereavement, the marriage of a child, etc.)


Gratuity at the end of the contract: 2 months for a 2-year contract / 4 months for a 3-year contract; Increased shipping allowance based on length of service.

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