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School spotlight: Vienna International School

International teachers

Schrole is proud to represent some of the very best international schools from around the world. In our School Spotlight series, we’ll take an in-depth look at these schools, detailing their history, ethos, location and of course, benefits, to help you choose the school that best suits you.


Snapshot: Vienna International School

Year founded: 1978
Public or private: Private school
Profit/Not for profit: Not for profit
Day or boarding: Day
Segregation type: Co-Educational
Religious affiliation: None
Curriculum: IB DP, IB MYP, IB PYP
Instructional language: English
Alternate instructional language: None
Start grade: Nursery
End grade: 12


About: Vienna International School

Vienna International School (VIS) is a three-programme school (International Baccalaureate continuum school), hosting 1400 students from 111 nationalities, with ages between 3 and 18 years of age.

VIS exist with a mission to empower all students to be successful and responsible in a nurturing and diverse learning community, so that they can achieve their potential in a changing world.

To serve this mission, VIS has assembled a team of 267 highly professional staff committed to providing its students an education that is inspiring, inquiring and involved in a truly inclusive environment.

VIS has recently gained significant recognition for its work in developing a sustainable development agenda, being accredited as the first Eco School International in Austria, by three international institutions (Eco Schools, Global Schools & Umweltzeichen).

VIS is always in search for teachers and faculty that make good team players with energy, passion, a sense of humour, critical reflection skills, resilience, flexibility and a genuine belief that all kids can be successful. Teachers who understand the needs of young people in the 21st century and are interested in contributing to the continued growth and development of a widely recognised international school.


Ethos: Vienna International School

In harmony with the ideals of the IB Learner Profile, and the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Vienna International School (VIS) aims for students to be inquiring, inspired, and involved lifelong learners.

The IB curriculum develops the academic, social, physical and emotional skills, knowledge and understanding of each student. VIS’s dedicated and experienced teachers contribute to this learning journey with expertise and passion.

VIS is also driven ensuring the holistic development of all its students. VIS has an extensive extra-curricular programme that encompasses sports; music; mathematics competitions; Model United Nations; student publications; the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award; and more.

All VIS students participate in Service and Action projects. It is central to the values of VIS that every student should contribute to better the world. This includes projects that improve the lives of others, the environment and society as a whole. VIS aim to educate ethically driven, contributing members of our global community who are empowered to be positive drivers of change in the world.

VIS understands that if the relationship between the home and the school is strong, teachers and faculty can successfully work to support students in achieving personal success. VIS therefore engages parents as partners in the learning journeys of students and expect that parents will support the values of the school and its approach to learning, student success and well-being.


Location: Vienna International School

Vienna International School (VIS) boasts an all-weather sports area with a total space of 2,000 square metres, providing five gymnasiums with a competition size basketball court; a playing field and running track, such as a Cycling & Running Trail with workout station; table tennis and arboretum in its Panther Sports Dome; a multi-purpose hall that offers the possibility for indoor sports activities during PE lessons and a myriad of after school activities.

VIS’s arts programme is supported by its seven music rooms; three art studios; and a 220-seat theatre and outdoor theatre arena. VIS’s campus also supports the many scientific interests of its students with a food technology centre; three design laboratories; seven science laboratories; two product design studios; and four experimental learning spaces, also known as the garden classrooms.

VIS is located in central Vienna, home to a vibrant cultural scene, stunning architecture, and high quality of life. As an international teacher, you’ll have the privilege of working in a city renowned for its excellent education system, which places a strong emphasis on fostering intellectual curiosity and creativity in students.

Vienna’s cosmopolitan atmosphere also ensures a diverse and open-minded student body, providing you with the opportunity to engage with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds in your classroom.

Beyond work, Vienna offers a rich tapestry of historical sites, world-class museums, and musical heritage, including the renowned Vienna State Opera. The city’s efficient public transport system, green spaces, and commitment to sustainability make it an ideal place for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


Benefits: Vienna International School

Number of contract days: Initial contract length: usually three years; 177 days of teaching and 8 additional days of teaching-related activities per academic year.

Starting salary range: € 64,032 to € 94,794 paid in 14 instalments (highest possible entry level salary Euro 84,540). Positions of responsibility are paid an additional allowance 14 times a year. Allowance 2 – € 352; Allowance 3 – € 704; Allowance 4 – € 1,055; Allowance 5 – € 1,364.

Taxes: Total deductions to cover income tax, social and health care cover and pension contributions equal approximately 45% of gross earnings.

Savings potential: While it depends very much on individual lifestyle, Vienna International School estimates the following. Single teacher – € 5,000; Working couple – € 10,000; Working couple with two children – € 2,000.

Accommodation: All accommodation costs are covered by the employee.

Flights/transport: One return flight to home of record in the first three year contract period.

Utilities: Employee cost

Furniture: Employee cost. The school works to help departing employees pass on furniture to new hires.

Moving allowance: Moving allowance rate depends on the number of dependents and location employees are relocating from. The rates for staff starting in 2018 are Initial housing allowance € 1,000; Installation allowance 1 (moving from Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic) € 1,500 plus € 1,000 for each dependent; Installation allowance 2 (moving from the rest of Europe) € 2,700 plus € 1,000 for each dependent; Installation allowance 3 (moving form outside of Europe) € 4,000 plus € 1,500 for each dependent; Interest free loan (to be repaid in 10 instalments in year one) maximum € 4,400.

Dependent opportunities: Children of teachers are entitled to free tuition but this is considered by the authorities as a taxable benefit

Medical: Covered under the Austrian state medical system paid for in health care deductions.

Dental: Limited cover – most treatment paid for privately.

Other: Contribution to German lessons. Laptop computer.


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