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Middle School Assistant Principal

International School of Hamburg


Job Details

Role Start Date

1 August 2024

Applications Close

31 May 2024

Min. Qualification

Masters Degree

Min. Experience

2 Years

Cover Letter


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The Middle School Assistant Principal is responsible to the Principal and assists the Principal in all aspects of
the day-to-day management of the Secondary School, from student discipline to administration and
supervision of systems and routines, to ensure the efficient operation of this section of the school. The
MS-AP is responsible for grades 6,7,8 and 9. The Middle School Assistant Principal works closely with the
High School Assistant Principal (grades 10-12), Secondary School teachers, IB Coordinators, Grade Level
Coordinators and Counsellors. The grade level distribution may change depending on the cohort sizes. They
are part of the school leadership team.


Number of Contract Days

This varies slightly from year to year, depending on the number of student contact days (which in turn depends upon the number of national/religious holidays in any given year). On average, teaching staff are expected to be school for approximately 182 days.

Starting Salary Range

The starting salary range is 57.500 EUR to 83.500 EUR. The step placement on our salary scale depends upon full years of experience in teaching/counseling and any relevant advanced degrees.


Income tax is relatively high in Germany, and ranges from 40 to 45% depending on family status.

Savings Potential

Teaching couple with 2 dependents: +/- 10,000 EUR/year.
Single teacher with 1 dependent: +/- 3,000 EUR/year.
Single teacher with no dependents: +/- 5,000 EUR/year.


Although we do not offer a housing allowance, we have a Relocation Officer who is very helpful in assisting new faculty and staff in finding accommodation that is appropriate and within budget. A range of apartments and other housing alternatives can be found throughout the city. Real estate in the immediate neighborhood of the school tends to be more expensive, so many of our staff members live further away, but often within cycling distance or a 20 to 30 minute journey on the excellent public transportation network.


Round-trip economy airfare is provided by the school at the beginning and end of the contract for the the new staff member and all dependents who are living with him or her.


Utilities including gas, water, and electricity are the responsibility of the staff member. Our Relocation Officer is happy to assist with the registration for these services.


It is possible to find furnished apartments in Hamburg, and if this is desired, it should be mentioned to the Relocation Officer as soon as possible once a contract has been signed to provide the maximum possible time to locate a suitable accommodation.

Moving Allowance

Shipping your possessions:
Single person allowance: 2 cubic meters
Family allowance: 4 cubic meters for a couple plus 1 cubic meter per child.
We ask you to provide us with offers from 3 shipping companies. Then the HR Department will confirm which company you should engage. Reimbursement will be made after your arrival accordingly to the original invoice. You are of course very free to ship more than the allowance, and in that case we will reimburse you for the amount of cubic meters as indicated above.

Settling-in allowance:
We provide a one-time settling-in allowance of € 730 for a single person; €1460 for a married couple plus €322 for each child. The allowance will be paid as soon as possible after your arrival / after you have opened a German bank account. We will help you with this as well.

Dependent Opportunities

While staff families do not pay tuition for their children's education if enrolled at ISH, this is a taxable benefit within the German tax system. This means that 30% of the total tuition fee is taxed.


All employees are covered by the German national health insurance through tax deducted each month from the salary. Health care in Germany is outstanding.


Basic dental care is included in the national insurance, but anything beyond a check-up is usually at cost.


For long-term illness, the school pays up to 6 weeks sick days in succession. Afterwards the health insurance will pay 70% of your gross salary for up to 1.5 years. Occasional sick days are of course fully paid.


Language lessons:
We contribute €100 per month for two years towards German lessons should you decide to take them up. In many years one of our German teachers offers lessons on campus, and there are also many private language schools throughout Hamburg.

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Dr. Richard Granger Deputy Principal of Secondary School
Taejon Christian International School

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