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IBDP Coordinator

International School of Gabon Ruban Vert


Job Details

Role Start Date

26 August 2024

Applications Close

27 October 2023

Min. Qualification

Graduate Certificate

Min. Experience

5 Years

Cover Letter

Not required

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Title: IBDP Coordinator
Responsible to: Head of Secondary
Responsible for: IBDP Core Team, IBDP Form Tutors, IBDP Teachers.
Start date: 26 August 2024, or January 2024

We seek a committed and inspirational IB educator with leadership experience and aspirations to work collaboratively with the Secondary Team to take forward the quality of our IBDP programme, in line with our ERV and IB values and to create a safe, engaging, successful and happy learning environment for all IBDP students at ERV.

Overview of Role
The IBDP Coordinator of ERV is a visionary change agent at the centre of learning and entrepreneurial leadership. The IBDP Coordinator is an informed, reflective practitioner who leads the Teaching teams in creating positive learning environments, which motivate and challenge all learners to become self-regulated, life-long learners, global citizens and leaders. They should draw on world-class learning solutions to drive ERV’s Mission, Vision and Values, as accredited by CIS, and as per the values and
principles of the IBDP Programme.

ERV’s Secondary School and IBDP provision has grown significantly in recent years and recently secured IBDP Re Evaluation. We are looking for a dynamic individual with experience of IBDP Programme leadership in a multicultural environment, and a commitment to excellence through a caring, personalised and effective approach to learning and school life for our students and families. With the significant investments we have made in staffing, professional development, technology, and as a growing CIS-accredited school, we are looking for a candidate who will take the IBDP Programme and learning experiences at ERV to the next level.

Key Responsibility Areas

● Strategic Planning
• Work with the Head of Secondary, and as a Leadership Team member, to implement ERV’s Strategic Plan, developing the school within its local and international
• Contribute as a member of the Leadership Team to the development of policies and procedures for the effective implementation of the IBDP Programme
• Lead the school continued implementation and development of the IBDP Programme
● Staff Leadership and Development
• Lead the IBDP team and be responsible for all matters relating to the pastoral and well being of students in Year 12 and Year 13
• Be the first point of contact regarding IBDP provision, actively seeking feedback and being responsive to the concerns of parents, students and staff for all aspects of IBDP provision
• Contribute to the induction, development, training, observation and motivation of IBDP teaching staff, in collaboration with the Deputy Head of School/Head of Secondary and Secondary Leadership Team, including ensuring teachers are up to date with training
• With the Head of Secondary and Secondary Leadership Team, plan and implement the timetabling and effective assignment of teaching staff for IBDP
• Achieve the kinds of relevance in outcomes, preparing learners to be happy and successful 21st century global citizens, equipping students for transition to the final stage of their schooling and to college/university progression and beyond
● Overseeing Learning, Teaching & Assessment
• Oversee the effective planning, collaboration, assessment and lesson delivery in the IBDP Programme to ensure effective and inspirational learning and teaching
• Monitor and inspire a culture of improvement in learning & teaching through collaboration, observations of learning, classroom visits and audits of students’ work
• Lead learning to have a key focus on IB principles and values, encouraging best practice in student-centred, inquiry-based, conceptual and internationally-minded learning approaches, resources and techniques
• Track, monitor and respond to the progress of students in each of their IBDP Core and subjects, including via practice examinations to ensure successful outcomes for all students
• In collaboration with Deputy Head of School/Head of Secondary, coordinate effective processes of marking, moderation and standardisation, leading the processes of evidence-based grading and predictions, with accountability for student outcomes
• Managing IBDP study programmes and examinations
• Lead the IBDP Options and Guidance programme for entry to Year 12, including the identification of students who may not meet entry requirements for the Diploma programme
• Oversee the process of submission of IBDP Core, IAs, and predicted grades ensuring work is consistently marked and grading is evidence-based
• Liaise with the IB regarding any changes or requirements relating to the delivery of external examinations and results
• Collaborate with the Exams Officer and IBDP team to ensure all aspects of internal and external IBDP examination sessions are well-organised and in line with IB requirements
● Curriculum Development
• Lead the IBDP Programme to ensure its continued successful development to meet the needs of our multicultural and multilingual students
• Contribute to the development per phase of the Secondary School curriculum, ensuring vertical and horizontal alignment, with effective development of conceptual and skills-based learning
• Innovate curriculum in line with local and international developments, with a key focus on learning by doing, conceptual understanding, 21st century skills development and sustainability
• Carry out review of our IBDP Programmes as required, providing leadership in the regular and on-going cycle of the school’s accreditation with IB and other relevant organisations
● Student Leadership and Support
• Contribute to the effective embedding of the IB Learner Profile in all aspects of school life
• Ensure positive, caring and effective pastoral support of IBDP students with an understanding of the social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of students
• Promote and oversee student-led activities to enrich student learning and leadership, and promote the development of a sense of responsibility and community spirit in line with ERV values, in preparation for progression and college/university
• Oversee the successful induction and integration of new students joining in Years 12 or 13
• Oversee and support IBDP students in their development of effective and balanced study/
revision strategies and plans
• Coordinate additional IBDP support sessions during the school day and during holiday periods as required to maximise IBPD student support and success
• Oversee the process of college applications and admissions for students in Years 12 and 13
● Management of Resources, Enrichment & Events, and Partnerships
• Be the first point of contact for parents for pastoral and academic matters for students in Year 12 and 13, with effective management of individual parent meetings and follow up
• Build trust and engagement with the IBDP programme through parent sessions and communications, Parent Teacher Conferences, and Term Reports to parents
• Ensure the development of well-presented handbooks, documentation and displays for parents, students and staff regarding our IBDP provision
• Maintain and develop positive and proactive communications regarding ERV and the IBDP Programme with all parts of the school community and throughout the IB and international schools networks in Africa and beyond, coordinating for ERV to deliver IB workshop training
• Contribute to positive promotion of the school through ERV social media and marketing, and
being an ambassador for ERV at all times

These responsibilities will be carried out in consultation with the Head of Secondary, Head of School, Leadership Team, Secondary School Leadership Team and all relevant
colleagues. The list of responsibilities above is not exhaustive, and may evolve according to the school’s developing needs, determined and agreed with the Deputy Head of School/Head of Secondary and Head of School. This Job Description will be reviewed as part of ERV’s Appraisal Process. All members of ERV are expected to be culturally sensitive and professional both in the school and the wider community of Gabon. ERV is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of students, staff and visitors to its campuses, and expects all members of the ERV community to
share this commitment.

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