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Economics/Business/Finance Teacher

Shanghai High School International Division (G1 - G12)


Job Details

Role Start Date

1 September 2024

Applications Close

31 August 2024

Min. Qualification

Bachelor Degree

Min. Experience

2 Years

Cover Letter

Not required

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With fully equipped facilities, a rigorousstudy schedule, high morale, and exceptional education standards, Shanghai HighSchool is one of China’s most reputable schools. The SHSID department ofEconomics aims to develop critical thinking skills, help students becomecreative problem solvers, and introduce students to basic economic concepts.The department places a specific emphasis on connecting the academic knowledgelearned within the textbook to real life situations. Using real examples helpsstudents achieve the following learning objectives more fully and moreefficiently:

-Developing critical thinking skills andthe ability to communicate ideas clearly

-An understanding of fundamental conceptsof microeconomics and macroeconomics theory

-Utilize economic theory to betterunderstand and shape social practices, political policy, financialmarketplaces, and business models

-Build a firm foundation of economic knowledge with multi-disciplinary learning, using strategies from Economics,English, History, and Mathematics classes (among others).

-IB/AP Econ teaching experience is required.

Number of Contract Days

One year contract is provided. For high school IB/AP teachers, two year contract is requested.

Starting Salary Range

$46000 - $ 60000 salary each year, based on education background and experiences.

Savings Potential

The school provide free housing, free breakfast and lunch during working day. Many teacher mentioned that the saving could be 80% even more.


the school provides free accommodation on campus, and free utility fee. At the end of the semester, if the utility cost is lower a certain amount, then school will award some RMB for saving energy. After teachers working at SHSID for one year, teachers could apply for the off campus apartment, which is worth at least ¥8000 rental fee per month. School provides housing stipend to teachers on Pu Dong campus, which is ¥5000 per month.


The school provides $2000 travel subsidy at the end of the school year.


Teachers don't need to pay for the unility fees on campus; however, off campus apartment does


Both on campus and off campus apartments are furnished. After working at SHSID for one year, the teachers are welcome to apply for the off campus apartment in a very friendly and comfortable area. With metro station right outside the compound

Dependent Opportunities

Teachers' kids are able to receive 50% tuition fee off, if the kids are able to pass the interview tests.


School provides medical insurance for teachers on mainland China.


Dental disease is covered by the medical insurance with a cap.


The school provides subsidy to teachers for course in order to maintain the teaching license.


At the end of the school year, there will be $5500 performance bonus (before tax), $1000 full attendance bonus (before tax), $2000 travel subsidy (before tax); at the end of each semester, there is about ¥3000-¥9000 teaching period bonus given based on the teaching periods and types of classes. When a teacher finishes working at SHSID continuously for three school years, a three-year-bonus is given (before tax), which is three months' pay.

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We've relied on Schrole exclusively for two years now and have been very pleased with the Schrole Team's responsiveness, the overall quality of the candidates on Schrole, and the main tabs related to assessing candidate fit.

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