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The Canadian International and Sedbergh Vietnam


Job Details

Role Start Date

1 August 2024

Applications Close

31 July 2024

Min. Qualification

Masters Degree

Min. Experience

7 Years

Cover Letter

Not required

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Position Objective: Educators at CIS are expected to give the highest possible standard of care and ensure the quality of education is commensurate with the world class standards and practices of the IB Programme.

The Secondary Vice Principal is responsible and accountable for supporting all aspects of Secondary School. The Assistant Principal collaborates with the Secondary Principal/Head of School as part of the whole school and secondary school leadership teams in the development and implementation of curriculum and programmes. He/She promotes openness, constructive criticism, teamwork and initiative, and models the personal characteristics to be developed in students by word, demeanor and performance.

1. School Vision and Mission
- Develop, build, and ensure the vision of CIS Secondary is clearly articulated, shared, understood, and acted upon effectively through CIS school’s objectives and operational plans that promote and sustain a culture of CIS school improvement.
- Articulate a clear vision of effective CIS Secondary instruction and assessment to ensure a child-centered approach that regards the success of each CIS Secondary student as the primary focus of all activities.
- Build and provide an environment that validates students' needs to feel valued, safe, and secure as a prerequisite to learning in the Elementary division under the CISS Child Protection/School Safeguarding Policies.
- Assist the Secondary Principal/Head of School in managing and operating the CIS Secondary division and be responsible in front of the Board of Directors regarding the MOET/DOET Vietnamese academic activities, educational quality, and school operation in the extent of assigned duties by the Secondary Principal/Head of School and the Board of Directors.

2. Leading Learning and Teaching
- Set professional goals which directly support schoolwide objectives for the year.
- Be responsible for the formulation/approval of the Secondary teaching timetable and any special assignments.
- Design and oversee staff supervision schedule.
- Oversee school activities and field trips, and regularly attend school sponsored activities.
- Oversee the development and implementation of Service Learning Club events and student-led initiatives throughout the Secondary School.
- Lead faculty in analysis of formative student data using Data Wise protocols
- Assist with planning of in-house and external professional development.
- Assist the Secondary Principal/Head of school with facility oversight.
- Assist the Secondary Principal/Head of School with admissions decisions and policies, as requested.
- Collect and analyze data for the purpose of staff development and improved student learning.
- Support the Secondary Leadership team to oversee the development, documentation, revision and evaluation of the curriculum and related materials of instruction; and ensure that a written programme, suitable for the needs of all students, exists for each Grade 9-12 subject area.
- Maintain expert knowledge of best practices for delivery of the DP

3. Faculty & Staff Performance Management and Recruitment
- Collaborate with the Secondary Principal/Head of School in the recruitment of new teachers and staff.
- Collaborate with the Secondary Principal/Head of School on goal setting and completion of the professional growth process with individual teachers, as assigned.
- Assist with the planning of the orientation program for new teachers.
- Oversee, train, mentor and coach teachers toward continuous improvement, through regular classroom walkthroughs and feedback.
- Encourage collaboration across the faculty, conduct faculty meetings, prepare regular communication and keep staff informed of policy changes, new programmes and other important information in order to foster morale and maintain open lines of internal communication.
- Liaise with the Secondary Principal/Head of School and other members of Secondary and School wide leadership on extra-curricular programmes for Secondary Students.

4. Student Support & Management
- Maintain high standards of student conduct and when conflict arises recommend appropriate action to students, staff, parents and/or the Head of School.
- Assist with student discipline as required by the Secondary Principal.
- Assume responsibility for the attendance, conduct, health and well-being of students in the Secondary School and to maintain direct contact with students on a regular basis to promote and support positive relationships within the Secondary school.
- Be visible and available to students and staff.

5. Accountability
- Assist the Secondary Principal/Head of School and collaborate with other related departments to prepare a yearly budget supported by a business plan for the Secondary division to maximize financial resources as approved by the Board of Directors; and regularly monitor financial forecasts and set corrective measures.
- School Health & Safety: collaborate with other Leadership members to establish and oversee CIS H&S system/committee that includes in-services staff on accident procedures, fire drills and evacuation plans; make reports weekly on regular maintenance and immediately on health hazards; ensure the maintenance of all student records, teaching and learning materials: attendance, marks, report cards, disciplinary files, textbook, library, electronic, music and HPE equipment inventories.

6. School Community
- Establish and maintain effective communication and favorable relations with the parent community.
- Actively foster understanding and support for overall school objectives and programmes.
- Actively promote the Secondary School and CIS as a whole.
- Represent CIS professionally in the wider community.
- Actively engage in CIS school life.

Position Requirements:
- An advanced degree preferably in School Management and Instructional Leadership
- Minimum 7 years’ experience as a K-12 School Principal or Assistant Principal, Secondary Assistant Principal

Abilities/ Skills:
- Strong background in instructional and school administration leadership.
- Experience with Vietnamese or/and other advanced education systems and K-12 school model; experience with the Canadian education system would be an advantage.
- Experience in recruiting Vietnamese and Canadian Teachers and managing a diverse multicultural team and faculty.
- Proven leadership and management skills in high performing academic organisations.
- Excellent communication skills, both verbally and written.
- Strong influencing, negotiation, persuasive and collaborative skills.


Employer pays VN taxes


Monthly stipend


Beginning and end of the contract

Dependent Opportunities

1 child per employee


Paid by employer, USA coverage not included

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